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Both Spa Eastman and Spa Eastman Montreal offer an exceptional range of treatments in highly motivating environments.

The Spa Eastman team is looking for employees whose training and experience contribute to its mission: promoting health and well-being.

That person could be you.

Our openings

Opening Publication
Manucuriste - pédicuriste 05.01.2015 Montréal Details
Esthéticien(nne) 03.12.2014 Eastman, Montréal Details
Réceptionniste 20.04.2015 Eastman, Montréal Details
Massothérapeute 18.11.2014 Eastman, Montréal Details
Cuisinier(ière) temps partiel 18.06.2015 Eastman Details
Plongeur (plongeuse) 19.08.2014 Eastman Details
Préposé(e) entretien ménager 29.09.2014 Eastman Details
Conseiller(ère) accueil spa 12.05.2015 Eastman Details
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