Individual consultations creativity

Individual consultations creativity with Isabel Serra


An occasion to explore your creativity and put it into action in every part of your life.

Do you sometimes feel that you are not using your full creative potential ?

Do you have creative dreams, aspirations or interests that are unrealized ?

Creativity is the ability to invent new, original, inventive solutions, which are adapted to a context. Since all aspects of our lives are influenced by our ability to be creative, life is absolutely passionate when we listen to our creativity.

Through a unique approach, I offer a fascinating journey to help you discover and develop your own creative power.

During your sessions with me, you will explore your interests, your aspirations and creative strengths and you’ll learn to put your creativity into action in every aspect of your life.


I am a lawyer, facilitator, saxophonist, poet and actress. I offer workshops, lectures and coaching on creativity. My goal is to help people free their creativity and develop the ability to put it into action.

Prior to my legal career, I worked for over ten years in the field of arts and communications, as artist agent and actress. My creative passion has also lead me to perform on the experimental music scene and give public reading of my poems.

The approach I have followed to empower my own creativity is accessible to everyone. I have developed a unique talent to help others discover their own creative spark. With attention, sensitivity and openness, I know how to catalyze the creative energy of my clients toward an effective, rewarding and sustainable expression of their creativity.

A step by step approach in person at Spa Eastman (in Eastman or in Montreal) or by Skype.


Individual consultations creativity
Duration: 60min.
Consultations individuelles en créativité
Duration: 90min.
5 consultations package
Duration: 450min.