Therapeutic Counseling - Yoga and Creativity

The solutions to our problems are in each of us.
Sometimes we need to be guided in order to see them.

Through introspection that Yoga offers, and self-expression that artistic creativity reveals, you are invited to root into your vitality and deploy your energy potential. Supported by the helping relationships approach, according to the CREATIVE NONDIRECTIVE APPROACH created by Colette Portelance, D. Sc. Ed., this therapeutic method produces deeper connection with your own resources and generates inner stability.

Each consultation is unique and completely fits your needs, your personality, your today's challenges and goals. After a period of dialogue oriented by the desire to know you, your therapist offers a dynamic journey which meets the depth of exploration and the joy of creativity. Tools include: meditation, relaxation, breathing, yoga postures, painting, collage, acrylic, inks, pastels, clay ...

Maud Japhet accompanies you with sensitivity and professionalism to discover yourself and helps you determine the internal pillars that support your approach to sustainable well-being.

Your companion:

Bachelor in Nursing, Counselor, Helping Relationship Therapist TRAmd, Artistic Educator and Yoga Teacher, Maud Japhet is passionate about human relationships, the overall welfare and coping mechanisms and resilience. After more than 10 years in the areas of health, management and education, she devoted herself since 2012 to accompany individuals to inner freedom and self-realization. Her personalized support is deep and dynamic, balancing respect for the pace and transcendence. Founding president of Liance: " Bien-Être-Relations-Changement", she invites you to a new understanding of Your Self.

Therapeutic Counseling - Yoga and Creativity
Duration: 60min.
Therapeutic Counseling - Yoga and Creativity
Duration: 90min.