From July 16 to July 22
7:30am to 10am
As you enter the dining room, you will notice that there are tables for two or for six people. Thanks to the spirit of conviviality that often develops among guests, it is easy to opt for a place at a table for six and share a meal with other guests in a pleasantly informal atmosphere.
8:15am to 9:15am
Power yoga
Power yoga is a term used to facilitate the integration of yoga in training centers. It describes a style of vigorous yoga, where the focus is on strength and flexibility. The majority of the postures are performed standing up in order to improve your strength and balance. The session begins and ends with a moment of relaxation. You will be guided by Kasia Chelkowska, kinesiologist (University of Sherbrooke) and certified Yoga teacher (Yoga Alliance).
9:30am to 10:15am
Pranayama is the practice of breath control. Breathing exercises usually have the function of regenerating the body, regaining emotional balance and calm. During the session, we will practice some breathing techniques used in yoga, such as alternate nostril breathing, solar breathing and Bastrika . The benefits of these techniques will be discussed. Some types of breathing will be incorporated into yoga postures. We will also practice some simple movements inspired by yoga, aiming to untie the body. This workshop is guided by Kasia Chelkowska, kinesiologist and Certified Yoga Instructor.
10:30am to 11:45am
Initiation au massage Yoga-Thaï
**This lecture is offered in french only; however feel free to join us!** Venez découvrir ce qu’est le massage yoga thaïlandais : un soin qui se donne par-dessus les vêtements, sans huile, sur un matelas de sol. Parfois on parle de la danse du massage thaï, puisque les mouvements du thérapeute peuvent ressembler à une danse. Vous y apprendrez l’historique de la méthode, ses liens avec le bouddhisme et le yoga ainsi que sa philosophie. Il y aura aussi une partie pratique comportant une préparation au massage ainsi que la présentation d’une brève routine de massage que vous pourrez éventuellement pratiquer sur vos proches. Portez des vêtements confortables. Bienvenue à tous ! La séance est guidée par Kasia Chelkowska, kinésiologue et thérapeute en massage Yoga Thaïlandais. Kasia pratique le yoga depuis 1997, ce qui l’a emmenée en Inde l’année suivante pour retrouver les sources sacrées de cette discipline. Elle enseigne le yoga à différentes clientèles depuis 2008. Afin de consolider ses connaissances, elle obtient le baccalauréat en kinésiologie à l’Université de Sherbrooke. La recherche de l’harmonie et du bien-être à travers le mouvement, l’emmena vers la spécialisation en massage yoga thaïlandais au Centre Lotus Palm de Montréal .
12pm to 12:45pm
Join us in this aquatic training that will help you work out your cardio and muscles!
12pm to 2pm
Throughout the years, we have at times questioned whether or not to maintain buffet service at all meals. However, our experience, and also our deepest convictions, has shown that only the buffet has the ability to titillate and encourage visitors to discover new foods and a greater assortment of condiments. This formula has also been preferred because it allows each guest to create their own special dish, all in taking into account the activity they wish to do after their meal. At lunchtime, for example, one who is getting ready to receive a treatment will be happy to put together a light meal from the many choices available at the buffet. Conversely so, at the same meal, a visitor having just completed a session of aqua-aerobics and who will be going on a long hike in the afternoon, will be happy to refuel and all the while make more culinary discoveries! It is to preserve this flexibility and variety that the buffet has been maintained at breakfast and during the evening meal, even though table service is offered.
« Vert » de bienvenue, welcome
At 3PM the day of your arrival, you are invited to our "Vert de bienvenue." This meeting aims to familiarize yourself with the site and give you the information needed to maximize the benefits and enjoyment of your stay at Spa Eastman. It is followed by the tasting of our famous green smoothie, which has also given its name to the tour "Vert de Bienvenue" means green welcome!
4pm to 4h45pm
Anti-stress walk
You are out of time? This walk is right for you! Special techniques will help you focus on yourself and enjoy the here and now. It also allows you to take a well deserved break and free yourself from the daily grind.
5pm to 5:45pm
La santé redéfinie avec Scott Simon
**This lecture is offered in french only, but feel free to join us!** Lors de cet atelier, Scott Simons présente sa philosophie de la santé, plus particulièrement sa philosophie de la résistance à la santé. Il explique les dépendances positives et négatives, la science du stress et introduit les cinq pratiques quotidiennes pour devenir « accro à la santé ». Chaque participant quitte avec le "Plan Santé Organik" qui offre la possibilité de redéfinir sa santé en 22 jours! En une heure, Scott partage ses stratégies/outils santé afin d’inspirer les participants à surpasser leur résistance et à réinvestir dans leur santé au quotidien.
Presentation of the menu
Everyday we welcome you to the to the tea room to discover the secrets of our savory meal, including the description of the inspiration dish of the day. A great opportunity to learn more about the basic principles of our tonic cuisine.
6pm to 8pm
As you enter the dining room, you will notice that there are tables for two or for six people. Thanks to the spirit of conviviality that often develops among guests, it is easy to opt for a place at a table for six and share a meal with other guests in a pleasantly informal atmosphere.
La santé redéfinie en pratique avec Scott Simon
**Lecture offered in french only, however feel free to join us!** Pour poursuivre l'enseignement, suivez Scott dans cet atelier pratique, où des outils simples et efficaces seront suggérés dans le but de vous aider à maintenir/adopter de meilleures habitudes de vie : ● Techniques de respiration, mouvements, étirements, concentration, relaxation ● Pas besoin de changer de tenue vestimentaire ● Pas d’équipement ● Outils de gestion de stress/santé par excellence ● Solution antidote pour la sédentarité