From June 24 to June 30
7:30am to 10am
As you enter the dining room, you will notice that there are tables for two or for six people. Thanks to the spirit of conviviality that often develops among guests, it is easy to opt for a place at a table for six and share a meal with other guests in a pleasantly informal atmosphere.
8:15am to 9:15am
Training with your own body weight
Join our kinesiologists and discover a simple way to train with your own body!
9:30am to 10:15am
Thermotherapy initiation
Join this activity to learn all health benefits about thermotherapy! Our guides invite you to take the waters the European way and learn more about the benefits of alternating hot and cold on one’s overall health with the Kneipp approach, among others. Beyond the notion of pleasure and relaxation associated with Nordic spas in Quebec, this activity highlights the positive impact that thermotherapy has on health and quality of life in North-America. Follow the guide!
10:30am to 11:45am
Our self-healing power
**This workshop is offered only in French; however please feel free to join us!** Nobel Prize winner William Teller said that the medicine of the future will be based on controlling energy in the body. This energy, which circulates in the meridians of acupuncture is often blocked by the emotional memories of stress badly lived, but also by deficient nutrition. To activate this energy flow, it is crucial to restore conscious communication between body and mind and provide the body with the necessary nutrients. Meet our naturopath Ilona Dowgiallo . Ilona graduated in 1992 at the Graduate School of Naturopathic Quebec . She also holds a PhD in physics followed by 14 years of research in the Department of Nuclear Medicine and Radiobiology CHUS in Sherbrooke . She took additional training in acupuncture, Ayurvedic medicine and teaching in health science (University of Montreal ) . After all these years of research and practice, Ilona offers a unique approach to naturopathic consultation.
12pm to 12:45pm
Aqua cardio-boxe
‘’What better than a session of ‘’Cardio-Boxing’’ to stimulate your appetite? Come and join the pool fitness class to burn some calories with our kinesiologist who will allow you to burn some energy and have fun. This new activity of 2017 will end with smooth stretching to improve recovery and a better relaxation.’’
12pm to 2pm
Throughout the years, we have at times questioned whether or not to maintain buffet service at all meals. However, our experience, and also our deepest convictions, has shown that only the buffet has the ability to titillate and encourage visitors to discover new foods and a greater assortment of condiments. This formula has also been preferred because it allows each guest to create their own special dish, all in taking into account the activity they wish to do after their meal. At lunchtime, for example, one who is getting ready to receive a treatment will be happy to put together a light meal from the many choices available at the buffet. Conversely so, at the same meal, a visitor having just completed a session of aqua-aerobics and who will be going on a long hike in the afternoon, will be happy to refuel and all the while make more culinary discoveries! It is to preserve this flexibility and variety that the buffet has been maintained at breakfast and during the evening meal, even though table service is offered.
« Vert » de bienvenue, welcome
At 3PM the day of your arrival, you are invited to our "Vert de bienvenue." This meeting aims to familiarize yourself with the site and give you the information needed to maximize the benefits and enjoyment of your stay at Spa Eastman. It is followed by the tasting of our famous green smoothie, which has also given its name to the tour "Vert de Bienvenue" means green welcome!
4pm to 4h45pm
Anti-stress walk
You are out of time? This walk is right for you! Special techniques will help you focus on yourself and enjoy the here and now. It also allows you to take a well deserved break and free yourself from the daily grind.
5pm to 5h45pm
Illuminer votre vie par l'écriture
This workshop is offered in French, however, feel free to join.
6pm to 8pm
As you enter the dining room, you will notice that there are tables for two or for six people. Thanks to the spirit of conviviality that often develops among guests, it is easy to opt for a place at a table for six and share a meal with other guests in a pleasantly informal atmosphere.
8pm to 9:15pm
Cercle de parole
CERCLE DE PAROLE À 20 h ce soir, vous êtes conviés à vivre un cercle de parole inspiré des traditions autochtones et facilité par Guylaine Cliche. Lors de cette activité, l’auteure raconte les apprentissages qu’elle a faits auprès des gens des Premières Nations qu’elle a côtoyés pour la production de son plus récent livre, un ouvrage rédigé en collaboration avec le Conseil traditionnel mohawk de Kahnawake. Notez que vous pouvez participer à l’atelier sans obligation de parler dans le cercle. Les mots d’ordre de la soirée sont plaisir et liberté. GUYLAINE CLICHE est fascinée par la puissance de la parole et la force de l’écrit. Elle anime des ateliers d’écriture depuis 2007. Lors de ses ateliers, elle agit avec sincérité, compassion et respect de la liberté. Quatre livres sont issus de cette auteure, dont le plus récent publié aux Éditions le Jour pour la version française et chez Juniper pour la version anglaise : Paroles de Paix en terre autochtone/Words of Peace in Native Land. Guylaine Cliche offre aussi des consultations privées en coaching d’écriture. Renseignez-vous à l’espace soins. Vous rêvez de vivre une retraite d’écriture ? Deux séjours susceptibles de vous intéresser sont proposés : L’Écriture, un outil de vie accessible à tous et Je lance mon projet de livre ! Tous les détails se trouvent sur le site de Spa Eastman, sous l’onglet Hébergement/Retraites et groupes à venir. L’équipe à la réservation peut aussi vous renseigner, n’hésitez pas.