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Individual consultations creativity

An occasion to explore your creativity and put it into action in every part of your life. Do you sometimes feel that you are not using your full creative potential? Do you have creative dreams, aspirations or interests that are unrealized? Creativity is the ability to invent new, original, inventive solutions, which are adapted to a context. Since all aspects of our lives are influenced by our ability to be creative, life is absolutely passionate when we listen to our creativity.

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Consultation coaching d'écriture (French only)

***Consultation in French only***

Nul besoin d’être un écrivain professionnel pour découvrir à quel point les mots peuvent tout changer. Que ce soit dans le but d’écrire un livre ou simplement de vous faire du bien par l’écriture, GUYLAINE CLICHE vous propose une consultation en coaching d’écriture dans laquelle votre besoin d’écrire sera comblé. La démarche est adaptée selon votre besoin.

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Emotional freedom technique Consultation

Emotional Freedom Technique Consultation with Francine Robert, Teacher of awakening the body through movement , Fascia MDB The Emotional Freedom Technique or EFT is a powerful tool that unites acupuncture (without needles) psychology and thinking.

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Integral Development Coaching Consultation

When coaching consultation, Lisette Prince accompanies you in a structured discussion to explore the whole of your experience related to your issue. It uses clever and targeted means to offer a conceptual framework that will help you see your reality with new possibilities. By the presence and active listening, it will decode that words alone fail to express. Each individual has its color and flavor and holds itself an infinite source of possibilities to evolve.

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