MARCH - Essentrics Retreat

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From: March 16th to 18th 2018
Group leader: Amanda Cyr


This exclusive retreat explains the principles behind the Essentrics program, discusses all the health and wellness benefits it offers and demonstrates how a combination of strengthening and stretching exercises are used to engage all your 650 muscles and 360 joints for a healthy, flexible, mobile and pain-free body. Master Trainer, Amanda Cyr—will lead you through a series of dynamic yet gentle workouts that are designed to connect your mind and body. 

The Essentrics technique is safe and compassionate to each body type and level of fitness; teaching you what your body needs to stay healthy and feel good. It’s time to learn that there is no longer a need to force your body to achieve the objective of being strong, balanced and pain-free — no matter what your age.



Amanda Cyr is an Essentrics Master Trainer and works at the corporate head office developing the global community of Essentrics Instructors. She completed her Bachelor’s degree in biology and has used her fascination with the body and how it’s designed—to help guide her work for empowering others in the program. Amanda is also a Certified Restorative Yoga Instructor and is currently in the process of completing her AUY1-Ayurveda practitioner course to continue to grow her knowledge of the powerful mind-body health system. Her passion and devotion for sharing the Essentrics technique is to redefine the true meaning of fitness and to help people experience what it feels like to be healthy and happy in their bodies.




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Add an extra night to your stay of 2 nights or more and Spa Eastman will offer you the Destination Spa package at 50% off!

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Spacious room
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2 nights $830 $750 $910 $790 $1070 $870 $1150 $910 $1190 $950

Included in the retreat package :
2 nights, 6 meals (dinner to lunch), Essentrics classes, daily workshops with different specialists at the Spa on stress, diet, nutrition, breathing and much more. Access to the pool, gym and hammam bath, hiking trails and gym.