JUNE - Coming into her own

Starting from

A Retreat for Women Ready to Celebrate Their Life

From June 16th to 18th 2017
With Dr Colleen Mac Dougall

Time to:

be still and listen
turn inward and sense your own life
gain clarity about where you are ready to move in the next
stage of your personal and public life
sense the wisdom that experience has given you
strengthen who you are in your relationships
explore what your legacy may be
age with grace.

A small gathering allowing time for you: to be with your self, to share with other women who are also coming into their own, to move between private moments and shared learning.

Who are You and Why Will You Come?

You have reached a certain place in life; you are ready to celebrate how you’ve met your challenges and achieved what, in the end, has mattered most to you. 

Or you are trying to celebrate your life and need some help with the acceptance and compassion part.

Perhaps you need quiet and encouragement, to hear what’s been getting your attention for a while.

Retired, you are searching for ways to stay connected to what still holds meaning and purpose for you.

Because of some major life event (e.g., illness, loss of relationship, burnout, a journey or experience that impacted you deeply), you are preparing for a major turn in your life.

You have a strong urge to travel—to untamed parts of the world, to see what is different from your self; you are ready for the experience to expand and change you profoundly!

Perhaps you sense a specific calling for your life, one that, up to now, you’ve not had time to explore.

You want to enter, or are in, the senior years of your life and want to age with grace and wisdom.

I have been, I remain, in all of the above spaces.

Gather up who you are, from wherever you’ve been, and join this small group of women who are also coming into their own. Come alone; come with a best friend; make a new friend.

What Will We Do Together?

I will lead us in a process of re-membering (re-joining) the pieces of our life story: naming what it is that has always meant the most to us; seeing how we’ve never lost this sense of purpose even when we faced hardship and challenge; trusting that greater sense of what is still possible; moving into what keeps us feeling alive and engaged in Life! 

There will be time and space for: personal reflection; for small conversations; for walks along nature trails to connect with the sights, sounds, and smells—the fullness and joy —of your summer; for practicing together ways of letting go and of making room in our lives for what wants to come next.

Some of these experiences will be lead by me; space will be made available to respond to particular interests that arise in our time together.

The aim is that you come away:

  • refreshed and restored to your core
  • expanded
  • reassured that what you’ve lived so far has meaning
  • excited about what turns your life can still take, and energized to go there!


Includes :

  • Copy of the book A Very Personal Leadership, a creative guide/journal we will use in our retreat. The book will be mailed to you three weeks before the retreat.



Dr. Mac Dougall embodies her passion for psychology and spirituality in how she shows up with her self, and in how she touches the lives of others. As a seasoned therapist, she listens and has a way of building trust quickly with the person in front of her, helping them move beyond fear, and into courage. She teaches young therapists to think outside the box and to come at a situation with new eyes and ears. As a global psychologist and companion, she walks alongside women and girls in Africa, and battered souls in Israel and Palestine, gathering up their stories, reminding them that their dreams matter, that they have not been lost. She keeps learning what it takes to live her own life authentically. 

Dr. Mac Dougall has authored two books that speak to her depth of insight and her commitment to creative justice—A Very Personal Leadership, and Restoring Our World Soul. Presently she is Part/Time Professor at St. Paul University in Ottawa, and partners with grassroots, peacebuilding initiatives in Israel. She offers retreats because it is another opportunity to meet people where they are, and help them get to where they aim to be. This includes one-day guided retreats with individuals where there is time to pause, to get at the root of anything that might be holding them back, then to risk what keeps them feeling alive!

* I am a Registered Psychologist in Alberta. If you wish to use your insurance benefits, please check that they cover out-of-province providers. Otherwise, you will be able to claim this fee in your federal tax returns.


Informations  :
Dr Colleen Mac Dougall | 819-200-4549 | www.leadershipforlife.ca | [email protected]


Reservations :

1-800-665-5272 | 450-297-3009 | [email protected]


Rate without lodging : $545 /pers.

This package includes 2 dinners, 2 lunches, acces to the bath section and Spa's activities.


Note 1 : minimum of 8 participants and 12 participants maximum 

Note 2 : Prices given here are per person, before taxes. Service charges are included for meals. Prices subject to change.

Number of nights Economic room Regular room Superior room Superior room
with fireplace
Spacious room
single occ. double occ. single occ. double occ. single occ. double occ. single occ. double occ. single occ. double occ.
2 nights $855 $775 $935 $815 $1095 $895 $1175 $935 $1215 $975

ALL INCLUDED PACKAGE: Accommodation, 3 healthy meals (diner, breakfast, lunch), Nordic baths, Spa Eastman's Activities and workshops, Gym and hiking trails (15km), Locker, bathrobe and towel.