March - Women in Leadership

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From : March 14th-16th 2018
Group leader : Joanne Boyle​


We hope that you can join us for this inspiring and engaging 2-days Women in Leadership retreat.  You will learn about yourself and the behaviors you display most naturally and that contribute to your success.  We will discuss your natural leadership propensities and how they can be harnessed to achieve more than you ever thought possible.

As part of the core curriculum, you will complete the SuccessFinder assessment prior to arriving.  At the retreat we will spend time reviewing and discussing the results and how to leverage this knowledge to achieve your personal goals.  The Women in Leadership retreat package includes tests, customized results, lodging, meals, and workshop curricula.



To find out more about it or to see if you're a great fit for this workshop, reach out to : 

Joanne Boyle, SuccessFinder / 908-208-7693 / [email protected] /



1-800-665-5272 / 450-297-3009 / [email protected]

*Note: Possibility of a double, triple and quad occupancy. Prices given here are per person, before taxes. Service charges are included for meals. Prices subject to change.

Number of nights Economic room Regular room Superior room Superior room
with fireplace
Spacious room
single occ. double occ. single occ. double occ. single occ. double occ. single occ. double occ. single occ. double occ.
2 nights - - $1995 - $2139 - $2221 - $2247 -

All included package : accommodations - dinner, breakfast and lunch - private women in leadership workshops - various Spa's workshops - access to Eastman-les-Bains (pools, outdoor hot tubs, polar bath, Kneipp bath and Kneipp circuit, hammam, Finnish sauna, infrared sauna, Igloo Shower, outdoor natural pond) - access to the hiking trails - access to the gym.