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Workshop from October 16th to 21th
Guided by Lalita Salas and Carolyn Martin

**Class given in French and English simultaneously **

The founder, Ann Wigmore, has developed an effective method to help you rebuild your health with living foods and enzymes! This year, and for the first time in Quebec, Specialists form the Ann Wigmore Institute are coming to Spa Eastman teach their Living Foods Lifestyle® program.

The Institute has teached natural health for decades. People from around the world have been participating  in this apprenticeships to improve their condition to wellness.

During this retreat you can *:
• Understanding what causes inflammation
• How our current lifestyle is very inflammatory
• Understanding Food combinations
• Create new eating habits, more than living on your plate
• Integrate the principles of soup energy, wheat grass juice and probiotics
• Knowledge and experience on yourself the benefits of detox cure
* You will also have time to enjoy several activities / care at Spa Eastman.


About the Ann Wigmore Natural Health Institut.

Institute is located in sunny Puerto Rico where the ocean is right at our door. We are the school founded by Dr. Ann Wigmore, renowned pioneer in the use of wheatgrass juice and living foods. Our directors, personally trained by Dr. Wigmore, remain dedicated to teaching the purest form of the Living Foods Lifestyle® rooted in the enduring principles Ann Wigmore developed. We invite you to step into our Living Foods community and begin to take charge of your health and wellbeing. Study and relax in a loving and nurturing environment in a casual, tropical setting. We provide the perfect place to reconnect body, mindand spirit while you rebuild and rejuvenate


Biography Lalita Salas (Co-director)

Lalita knew very early on that she had a passion for teaching and initially studied to become an elementary school teacher in her native Argentina. Parental influence directed her to another path, and she became a pharmacist. This gave her knowledge of traditional medicine and chemistry; however, her love of teaching and spirituality kept pulling her in a different direction. She turned to yoga and moved away from traditional pharmacology to what she called the “pharmacy of the kitchen,” and the power of food as medicine.
In 1991 she came to the west coast of Puerto Rico with her husband who had accepted a professorship at Mayaguez University. Lalita had become a certified yoga instructor at Kripalu in 1984, and continued teaching yoga in Rincon, Puerto Rico. There she met a woman who taught yoga at the Ann Wigmore Natural Health Institute.
Experiences, community, history, and purpose all converged to bring Lalita and Ann Wigmore together on July 4, 1991 when Lalita came to the AWNHI to fill in for the injured yoga teacher. As Lalita tells it, “Ann Wigmore was the first person I met when I arrived and I felt such emotion. It was like my heart was leaping inside of me.” This meeting was to lead to an extraordinary connection between them. Lalita had found her mentor and her mission. Ann Wigmore had found her successors. Lalita and Leola Brooks would become the keepers of the living foods legacy.
When she is not teaching at the Institute, Lalita travels throughout the United States, South America, and Europe teaching and sharing the wisdom and embrace of the Living Foods Lifestyle®. Thousands of students have been touched by her broad knowledge, immeasurable kindness and boundless love. Lalita knows the Universe continues to “weave the threads” of her life.


Biography Carolyn Marin:

Carolyn Marin is originally from upstate New York but has lived in many places.  She presently resides in a place dear to her heart, beautiful, sunny Puerto Rico.
Carolyn graduated from Marist college in Poughkeepsie NY in 1992 with a BA in psychology and a MA in family counseling and community psychology. Carolyn really became aware of the connection between health and happiness while working at the non-profit organization, Iris House (a place for women with HIV and their families) in East Harlem NYC.  Uninspired and frustrated with the social system Carolyn began making her own personal changes with diet and lifestyle. While working at Jandys, a health food store with raw vegan food in Oceanside NY, she learned about the benefits of juicing and the healing powers of Wheat grass juice.  A wonderful wise woman named Willy began mentoring Carolyn about the importance of retuning to nature, living foods and enzymes.
During this time  of self introspection, Carolyn found healing with her changes in food, herbs, yoga and meditation. 
After reading, Ann Wigmore's books , Carolyn soon went down to take the AWI program in 1999 and became a colon therapist in 2000 at the institute. Since 2000 Carolyn has focused on her family as she and her husband of 20 years has had three natural home births for three boys. Presently she is a teacher, a therapist and a living foods chef at the Ann Wigmore Natural Health Institute in Puerto Rico. For now, Carolyn's purpose is to inspire and teach or remind people how to take their health back into their own hands by retuning to nature and loving themselves deeply!!



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