Kevin Belisle - Chef

Dedicated to helping create a healthier society,  Chef Kevin has been running Spa Eastman’s kitchen since December 2011. It is then that he understands the full impact of his profession. A cook can satisfy his clients and offer a pleasurable eating experience, but, with deeper knowledge and understanding of how food influences the body, he can bring the experience to a whole other level. He has been in kitchens for the past 14 years, including one spent in France in order to refine his craft. In 2013, he is named Health Chef during the SCCPQ’s 60th gala.

Jean-Marc Enderlin - nutritherapeute

Jean-Marc Enderlin nutritherapeute and nutrition counselor specialized in healthy and tonic cuisine. Sous-chef at Spa Eastman since 2012. A Cerden graduate (European Centre for Research, Development and Nutritherapy Education), he was chef for the famous TAN  restaurant in Brussels. He offers a bright, colorful and innovative, healthy cuisine. In the course of his career, Jean-Marc had the opportunity to work in various restaurants around the world: Switzerland, United Kingdom, Belgium, South Africa, Greece before settling in Eastman in 2012. He offers a bright kitchen health and innovation, high cuisine tastes and colors.