Naturopathic Consultation

Each consultation begins with an extensive questionnaire in order to determine the client's medical history and nutritional habits. From the onset, an initial urine analysis allows our naturopath to establish important relationships between the client's general state of health, their nutritional habits and the effectiveness of their digestive system. Generally, the impact of ones nutritional habits is quite evident at this stage. A second urine analysis then determines how effectively the adrenal glands are working and, in turn, can serve as an excellent indicator of stress levels. In a simple consultation a treatment using Bach Flower Remedies is proposed, which helps remove blockages. If the client is staying at Spa Eastman for a cure, our naturopath will help develop a nutritional cure that is perfectly adapted to their needs be it raw food or even more specific.

Ilona Dowgiallo, Naturopath

Ilona has a Ph.D. in Physics from the Polytechnic of Wroclaw, Poland, and completed postdoctoral studies in health sciences at the University of Sherbrooke in the Department of Nuclear Medicine and Radiobiology. Studies have earned her to be Fellow medical Research Council of Canada. She worked for 15 years at the department of nuclear medicine at the CHUS, devoting her talents to research and the fight against cancer. Through her years of research, Ilona remained intrigued by the impact of diet and stress on health and therefore continued her learning. She trained in the principles of Chinese medicine and acupuncture followed by a three-year training in naturopathy. She noticed that the lack of nutrients has the potential to create blockages in the body, she now mainly relies on the use of food ( under the rule of five elements) and flowers Dr. Bach (to reduce the impact of stress ) as means to correct the blockages in the meridians and improve health. This doctor in Physics and naturopath offers a unique approach to naturopathic consultation incorporating an assessment of the health , nutrition and stress.

Manon Viger, Naturopath

Manon works at Spa Eastman since 1998. Nurse by profession, she is also a graduate in naturopathy and acquired training in herbalism. Her experience in the field of health led her to favor the precautionary approach in teaching how to maintain good health through diet, physical activity, stress management and the environment. Based on her knowledge of medical and natural methods, she guides and helps her clients achieving a balanced lifestyle. Her vast experience allows her to better inform clients in our HEALTH IMMERSION Package. When is your appointment to take care of your health?

Naturopathic Consultation
Duration: 60min.
Naturopathic Consultation
Duration: 90min.