Naturopathic Consultation

Claude Hamel naturopath, colon hygienist and neuro-linguistic programming master.
Member of the ANN and the Canadian Corporation of Certified Colon Hygienists

Ms. Hamel has over 28 years of experience in a clinical setting and fasting center. She is a member of the ANN and the Canadian Society of Certified Colon Hygienists. She is a graduate of the CENAB School of Naturopathy, from the Hippocrates Center in Florida, from the Center for Neuro-Linguistic Programming in Quebec, studied techniques for uprooting patterns with Mary Sise American psychologist, coaching and Ericksonian hypnosis And impact therapies with Dany Beaulieu, a Quebec psychologist.

She adds to her professional practice, Chinese medicine, herbal medicine, kinesiology and laboratory tests.

She has been co-owner of the Aube clinic in Montreal for over 25 years, where she worked as an administrator, naturopath and colon hygienist. They and her spouse have created the Actumus product line for naturopaths.

It addresses health in its entirety and believes believes that the well-being of a person is rooted in the balance of the spiritual mind, emotions and body.

Today she offers a range of courses and workshops in schools, natural shops and businesses and shares these valuable health tips with the goal of improving the quality of life of individuals.

Now the owner of the Claude Hamel Institute of Global Health, she offers training in digestive and intestinal health or passes on her professional expertise in order to train future certified colon hygienists.

Active and sensitive woman, having overcome various health problems such as eczema and bulimia, she accompanies you and offers you a healthy and effective way to regain your health.

Naturopathic Consultation
Duration: 60min.
Hydrotherapy of the colon
Duration: 60min.
1st consultation
Duration: 90min.