30 Days Challenge

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Sign up for our 30 day challenge, a golden opportunity to increase your vitality, help with weight loss and an increase in concentration.

Along with our naturopath Claude Hamel, come and seek tools and advice for a healthier and balanced life. A 30 day privilege where you will discover a healthy diet, tips to reduce your stress while increasing your energy level.

The 30 day challenge includes:

  • Initial consultation in person (value of $ 150)
  • 2 telephone consultations ($ 160 value)
  • Consultation at the end of the challenge in person (value of $ 110)
  • Access to thermotherapy space during the period of your cure (1 time per week) (value of 56 $)
  • A 60 minutes lymphatic drainage ($ 98 value)
  • Products: EzFlo, Chlorophyll and Active Flow (value of 100.90 $)
  • Optional Colon Hydrotherapy (available packages)

A value of $ 674.90