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The Signature Energetic Treatment The 5 Masks uses facial reflexology as an exclusive approach in aesthetics.

The energetic oils and different clay masks and 5 element Elixir Phyt’Ether will be applied to the reflex zones of the face according to the principles of traditional Chinese medicine. With effective devices that combine 5 different types of deep detoxifying drainage with chromapuncture for powerful lympho-chromatic drainage in addition to the targeted assets of energy products with high vibratory rate, the beauty and health of the skin are completely rebalanced. Thus, in this inner-outer harmony, the complexion regains its original brilliance, the pores are refined, the skin is visibly rejuvenated and firmed.

Learn more about our technology: The colored light rays correspond to vibratory waves each having specific qualities; used in bath of light, on energy centers or points of acupuncture they restore the balance on the physical level, psychic and emotional.

In aesthetics, the use of color during a treatment helps to balance and smoothe the skin, stimulate and repair the skin tissue to prevent aging. The biodrainer works in depth on all the flows (blood, lymphatic, energetic as well as water). This treatment works in prevention to balance vital energies and delay aging.

The 5 Masks is a treatment that combines ancestral knowledge and contemporary technology

Introductory rate: 84$  (Reg: 148$)

This promotion is valid until November 30th 2017.

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