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Multi Active Vitamin Facial

Meet our high performance age-controlling facial. Applied by the expert hands of our beauticians, this treatment regenerates and protects your skins’ cells, thus improving its structure and complexion. This treatment has been created using ingredients that will naturally control the effects of aging on your skin, without ever irritating it. By choosing this treatment, as relaxing as it is effective, you are guaranteed a moment of pure bliss that will be reflected in your glowing complexion!

An active concentrate in an ampoule form with vitamins for dry, stressed skin lacking in lipids will be applied to strengthen and revitalize rough, stressed skin, giving it a fresh and healthy appearance.

After 6 years of research, Spa Eastman is proud to present its’ new line of high quality products created with care and clinically approved. Designed using active naturals and certified organic oils it is free of paraben, petroleum based products, perfumes and irritants. Our line of age controlling products respect the natural biology of your skin while letting it preserve its acquired youth and prolonging its vital functions.