Make the most of your stay by participating in the various activities offered to you in your package.

⚠️ Despite all our efforts to ensure the maintenance of the activity schedule, unforeseen changes may occur. We encourage you to make it a habit to check the schedule before your arrival and during your stay.

Nature, movement, stress, creativity… A variety of workshops!

Every day, we offer fitness activities, practical workshops and conferences on various topics about health and well-being. Our team of professionals are happy to share their knowledge with you.

Notre équipe d'experts passionnés vous accompagne tout au long de votre séjour et vous donne les outils pour le retour à la maison
Notre domaine est situé en pleine nature au coeur de la région des Cantons-de-l'Est et s'étend sur plus de 323 acres de terrain.

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8 pathways to fill up your body with energy and empty your mind

Our 8 different packages allow you to fill up your body with energy and empty your mind. You will also have all the necessary tools and knowledge to continue your process at home.

Retreats to reconnect

Discover the wide variety of retreats under the holistic themes of wellness, including healthy eating, physical activity, mindfulness, creativity, and more.