Make the most of your stay by participating in the various activities offered to you in your package.

Indoor and outdoor activities, conferences and more! View our calendar to find out what choices are available for the next week.

Magical activities for Holiday

In addition to the usual activities and conferences, festive activities have been planned :

– Night walk under the stars
– Tasting of wine, chocolate and spicy chaga
– Crystal bowl concert
– Piano concert

And much more.

See the complete calendar

Wellness activities

Every day, we offer fitness activities, practical workshops and conferences on various topics about health and well-being. Our team of professionals are happy to share their knowledge with you.

Une retraite mieux-être au Québec
Une retraite mieux-être au Québec

Discover our activities during your next wellness stay

An all-inclusive stay

Make the most of your vacation in wellness mode thanks to our calendar proposing to move in happiness and to learn in benevolence, our nature trails, our gourmet and healthy cuisine, as well as our thermotherapy facilities. Your well-deserved vacation!

A thematic retreat

Discover how holidays and learning can be most rejuvenating with the wide variety of retreats led by our experts, under the holistic themes of well-being, such as healthy eating, physical activity, mindfulness, creativity, and more.