Tonique Cuisine

3 recipes for a Tonique Mother’s Day brunch

Mother’s Day means brunch! That’s why Spa Eastman is sharing 3 recipes for a successful brunch.

Immerse yourself in a surprising anti-inflammatory gastronomic experience inspired by the principles of Cuisine Tonique®, which combine pleasure and health, to celebrate the sweet mothers in our lives.

Spa Eastman yogurt

Because you love it! This delicious dairy-protein-free yogurt recipe is high in protein. It’s the perfect complement to your breakfast cereals and berries.

Eggs Benedict Tonique

A classic recipe that’s easy to adapt in a healthy, gourmet vision! Enjoy this delicious course at brunch.

Tonique green smoothie

Discover this recipe from our book La Cuisine tonique. A drink with a high intake of essential nutrients, which is easy to digest and absorb.