6 things you may not know about Spa Eastman

Spa Eastman recently celebrated its 46th anniversary and although it has been around for so long, many people are unaware of just how it was so ahead of its time – providing a template for attaining optimum health!

1. Canada’s first destination spa 

Back in 1977, when few people knew anything about yoga, relaxation techniques, massage, healthy food or wellness, Jocelyna Dubuc dreamt of establishing a place where she could share the knowledge she had gained through personal experience and which had changed her life. Spa Eastman has evolved down the decades of course, but its mission has remained the same – to teach wellness, to show people how to be happy and to take care of clients.

“A wonderful venue. The best food in the world! A welcoming, professional and dedicated staff. The spa facilities and workshops are excellent. This is my ‘happy place’ for recharging my batteries. Looking forward to my next stay.”


2. Daily activities – teaching you how to live life to the full

We offer daily fitness activities, practical workshops and seminars on various topics themed around health and wellness. Our team of professionals love to share their knowledge and teach you how to achieve a state of well-being – now and into the future.

3. All-inclusive means all-inclusive!

Each package incorporates strategies to reduce stress, mental and physical.
  • Three delicious meals every day
  • Use of our onsite facilities – thermotherapy area, gym and 15 km of trails
  • Access to Spa Eastman’s regular schedule of activities – walking in the forest, yoga, stretching exercises, Qi Gong, wellness workshops and more…..
  • The possibility of being able to add spa treatments and a meeting with one of our experts – massages, facials, consultation with a naturopath etc.

At Spa Eastman, you can opt for a package that best meets your needs. Want to recharge your batteries? The Cocooning package will fit the bill. Aiming to get off the bandwagon for a while? At your wits end will do the trick! Seeking to alleviate your bodily pains? Mouvement, taught by one of our kinesiologists, can help you do that. Perhaps you just want to spend some time at Spa Eastman without following a particular regime? Choose Destination Spa. Or maybe opt for an overall wellness assessment – Health Immersion – with one of our naturopaths. Any one of those are reason enough to take care of the most important person in your life – namely YOU!

4. More than 100 retreats per year

Although we have been running thematic retreats since 1977, few people realize just how wide a choice is on offer. Examples include C’Tonique (a retreat themed around food choices and/or a revitalizing juice cure) both led by Jean-Yves Dionne; Personal Development (Roxane Vézina); Yoga, Meditation and Creativity (Sandra Léveillé); How to practice Qigong (Geneviève Grandbois); and Breathwork with Annie Langlois (to name a few of the topics).

With over 100 retreats very year, led by professionals and experts in their field, you will certainly find something that will answer to your needs. Check the choices right here.

5. Tonic Cuisine : more than just healthy food

Drawing from his past experience and Inspired by the most up-to-date scientific research, Chef Jean-Marc Enderlin and his kitchen staff keep abreast of the latest trends in the evolution of healthy food.

The main characteristics of Tonic Cuisine, incorporated in our breakfasts, lunches and dinners are:
  • Foods rich in “good” fats
  • Fewer carbohydrates
  • Eco-friendly ingredients (typically organic), non-genetically modified, locally produced, seasonal etc.
  • The liberal use of tasty (and perhaps surprising!) cereals and flours such as (gluten-free) millet, buckwheat, brown rice and broad beans
  • The substitution of dairy products (and their derivates) for milk made from nuts, coconut and soy beans
  • Use of lacto-fermented foods: miso, tamari, sauerkraut and other vegetables;
  • Germinating nuts, beans and seeds by soaking them
  • Cooking meat and fish at low temperatures, paying particular attention to food combinations.
Tonic Cuisine won first place in the “Best Emphasis on Wellness & Health in Culinary Travel” category, awarded by the “World Food Travel Association.

6. A low-carbon destination

As well as being a spa industry pioneer, Spa Eastman has, right from the start, been an advocate for sustainable tourism, incorporating eco-friendly strategies as an integral part of its philosophy. 

Down the years, we have been widely recognized (in different ways) for our innovative approach:
  • Certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) in 2012 
  • TOP 10 of the best in the world for its eco-friendly approach, Spa Finder 2008-2014
  • Recipient of the Phénix en environnement 2008 award for sustainable development
  • Level 3 certificate “Ici on recycle!” (“Here we recycle! ») from Recyc-Québec
  • One of the first organizations to be certified by Réser-Vert (now defunct)
  • Green Key certification (hotel industry eco-friendly rating) – 4  green keys
  • Member of Tourisme Durable Québec (a network of sustainable tourism entities)

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