Among: “8 Of The World’s Top Stress-Relieving Retreats”

We love to read that: HuffingtonPost presents Spa Eastman as one of “8 Of The World’s Top Stress-Relieving Retreats”!

We’re always proud to be identified among the best spas of the world. But in this particular article, we love the way the journalist presents this type of spa vacation package:

“But for the ultimate wellness trip, stressed-out city dwellers can give their mind and body a true vacation with immersive detox retreats. The best part? A week of pampering can help you kick-start a healthier, more centered lifestyle.”

Here are the 7 others greatest spas of the world, according to this article:

Read it all here: “Best Detox Spas: 8 Of The World’s Top Stress-Relieving Retreats

Lucie Octeau