A Holiday Gift to Self

Bhaskar Goswami, wellness consultant

For over two decades, Bhaskar has been a wellness and culture transformational consultant with elite organizations. He serves as a mentor to organizational leaders and their teams. Bhaskar is an impactful speaker and the author of ‘Wisdom Stories’.

“Self-care is about having a radical trust in your own goodness” – Steve Sims, author

In this season of celebrating love, here are a few principles on cultivating the habit of gifting yourself loving-care:

You have been gifted a precious human birth

Not just any sentient being, a human being! You did nothing consciously to deserve it. Are you taking full advantage of this gift to truly explore and enjoy life? Don’t waste this precious gift that will be taken away from you in a few breaths. What must I do, so that I can live, love and die without regret? Ask this question every morning, gain clarity and act on it.

Doing good feels good

It is a simple law of nature that is as old as breath, just before every wholesome action, there is a pleasant feeling. Trust your own goodness and the aligned action that comes out of this.

You are a conscious being with choice

You are not an unconscious, choiceless victim. You get to choose how to look after your body, mind, energy and emotions. Claim this choice and choose wisely. Take care of the gift so that you can truly explore and enjoy life.

Master your mornings

Although the day ahead may be unpredictable, most of us have some say over how the day begins. As an act of love, give yourself an hour of personal power every morning with exercise, breathwork, meditation and journaling. Where is the hour going to come from? Go to bed an hour earlier.

Ask yourself who else will benefit from you taking better care of yourself

If you practice self-care just for yourself, it will feel heavy, like carrying a bag of bricks up a mountain. When you do it for the benefit of others, your practice will have wings and echo for generations.

Me, We, Omni

Only when you are well, can you truly take care of your relationships and contribute to life in an uplifting, impactful way. As the saying goes, hurt people hurt people and healed people heal people.

Keep uplifting company

Cultivate friendships that make you feel healthier, happier and more connected just by their presence.

Self-care begins with first noticing all that is you. When you really start to notice, you start to appreciate. What you appreciate, you take care of. What you take care of, thrives. The practice of self-care has everything to do with how much you care about you.

A meditation for Loving Awarness

An invitation to discover wellness

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