Another year over… Another one just begun

Dear friends and clients,

As we enter 2021, I want to wish you happiness throughout this new year and the best of health!  Staying healthy has never been more crucial in this era of a pandemic..

2020 was a year of deep reflection. This tiny but devastating virus has exposed our vulnerabilities from every angle. Our weaknesses have been laid bare and the notion that something is always « somebody else’s fault » – whether true or false – has led us to take more responsibility and control of our lives. Simply put, it has been a question of survival!

Back to basics

Last spring, in 2020, Spa Eastman closed down for three months. During that time, I thought back to the origins of Spa Eastman and to my personal reasons for creating it. The spring was a period of reflection that led me back to my roots…..

  • What are my core values?
  • What are the things that challenge me, that I want to nurture at Spa Eastman?
  • Why Spa Eastman? 
  • How do we get through all this – coping with our losses, our isolation from other human beings, our dashed hopes and dreams?

How do we regain our confidence in this time of human fragility and find the strength to weather the storm and discover that all is not lost?


The need to take care of yourself and to become better human beings has never been more important. To take responsibility for your own health and to do everything you can to support your immune system….easy to say, easy to write.  

Fortunately, we have a much better understanding than before regarding how to become more knowledgeable, due, in part, to increased access to information. Being healthy and feeling good about oneself – the very foundations of the joy of living! 

What follows is an overview of the paths I have followed and the tools I have employed and I am excited to share them with you. For some, these strategies will be self evident, but for others, they might come as a revelation, opening doors into a whole new appreciation of how to live life to the max….

Ground yourself  

To cope with the challenges life throws at us, we need tools to keep us grounded – tools that are deeply rooted in our body and that connect us to reality. They counteract the tendency to constantly become governed by fear and the judgement of others.

The work of Denise Noël, in her book « Rien ne va plus tout est possible », describes many of those essential tools. In addition to the techniques outlined in her book, her website offers many practical ideas. They will inspire you and make you feel great!  

Eat good food

Most of us know that we ought to eat good food, but what does that mean, given that we are all, in a certain sense, unique? It’s not so easy to determine what exactly constitutes ‘good’ food….

The Hypotoxic Cuisine Dr Seignalet introduced us to and his extensive research into the causes of most illnesses, has really inspired me. In 2011, his ideas gave birth to Spa Eastman’s Cuisine ToniqueMC. 

Our Tonique Cuisine is gluten-free and does not include dairy products. Low in carbohydrates, it includes ‘good’ fats. Our Cuisine Tonique is constantly evolving and we will be offering a week with Jean Yves Dionne themed around our delicious, healthy food.

To learn more (in french) >>


We tend to take oxygen for granted, but the past year has shown us the vital role it plays in keeping us fit and healthy. To maximize its beneficial effects, you can follow some very easy exercises. They’ll make you feel good and anyone can do them!

I suggest you look into the work of Wim Hof. His research led me to discover the benefits of taking a cold shower – chilly, to be sure, but you’ll end up feeling fantastic!!!


Play outside in the fresh air!  Exercise! Yes, yes, I know you’ve heard all this before, but it bears repeating. Our bodies are designed to move. Take a look at our blog for exercises you can do at home.

Check out the heading « Exercises » in our blog

Spa Eastman News

Many of you thought we were still closed, but since June 4, 2020, we have offered a modified version of our wellness vacations. The kitchen staff continue to create wonderful meals – now delivered via room service – and our massage therapists, kinesiologists and naturopaths, along with other staff, are on hand to ensure your stay at Spa Eastman is both relaxing and rejuvenating. Now more than ever, there’s no better way to get in touch with your inner self and start the new year off on the right foot!