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Crudessence and Spa Eastman: Partners in the new Living Food Weeks


A holiday program unique to Canada!

Spa Eastman, in collaboration with Crudessence presents its program of living food cures 2013! Living Food Weeks combine knowledge, learning and experimentation in a pleasant and relaxing holiday; a great tool to integrate living foods into your lifestyle!

Spa Eastman and Crudessence: a natural alliance

Since 2010, Spa Eastman has offered a treatment program based on the principles and benefits of living foods. The founders of Crudessence are regularly invited to give workshops during this program and have worked with the team at Spa Eastman to integrate more living foods into the regular restaurant menu of the spa. This has enabled both companies to build a strong relationship based on their combined passions and philosophies. It is therefore out of this partnership that Crudessence and Spa Eastman have chosen to collaborate on programming these new Living Food Weeks.

Four weeks on the menu for 2013

Living Food Weeks are a true gastronomic adventure filled with pleasures and surprises. Included are conferences and workshops given by Crudessence, complementary programs where health and nutrition professionals share their knowledge of living foods and its impact on overall health, culinary delights, culinary demonstrations, sprouting workshops, recipes, green juices, and more.

The grand opening week started last Friday. Other dates in 2013 include: March 1st to March 8th, July 7th to July 14th, and September 27th to October 4th.

These living food cures last for a period of 8 days / 7 nights. They offer menus based on sprouts, shoots, fruits and vegetables, seeds, legumes, nuts, seaweeds, green juices, smoothies, and of course wheat grass juice.

In addition to its original and tasty living food menu, the team proudly prepares a week full of workshops, conferences, and physical and relaxing activities that help participants to be surrounded with fun, easy and sustainable habits that will optimize their health and well-being.


Quebec’s leader in living foods, Crudessence recognizes the important impact that diet has on personal health and on the environment.

The company targets not only those interested in healthy eating, but also those looking to optimize their health, the curious, athletes and those who want to awaken their bodies and minds. In addition to its restaurants and prepared foods, Crudessence is distinguished in Quebec with its Culinary Academy whose workshops on nutrition, techniques, recipes, biology and philosophy are becoming increasingly popular.

Spa Eastman

Celebrating its 35th anniversary, Spa Eastman is recognized worldwide for its commitment in promoting healthy lifestyles. Its goal is to improve the overall health of its customers in a viable way, which is a unique and original aspect of sustainable development.

Pioneering of the concept of the healthy holiday, Spa Eastman is recognized as the first “destination spa” in Canada and has been recognized numerous times as one of the Top Ten Spas by Spa Finder International and it is the only French-speaking spa to be accredited by the prestigious international Destination Spa Group.


7 nights all-inclusive package (accommodation, living food cures, conferences and workshops, fitness activities, guided walks, unlimited access to Eastman baths and gym), starting from $1,746 per person, double occupancy.

Spa Eastman, Eastern Townships : 1 800 665-5272

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Jocelyna Dubuc, President and Director General
Spa Easman