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Detoxifying Green Juice

As we approach September juice cleanse, here’s a key recipe to revitalize your body and soul… Back from the summer season.

The importance of organic – especially for a detoxifying juice

It is more than important to mention that green juices have as a principal function to detoxify the organism. Hence the importance to have organic ingredients for this recipe. Otherwise, it would be a “pesticides“ juice who would have an opposite effect.


Quantity : 1 portion
  • 1 cup of sunflower shoots
  • 1 cup of spinach leaves
  • 2 celery branches
  • ½ cucumber with skin*
  • ¼ of lime with peel*
  • ½ green apple with peel*

*If the ingredients that you have aren’t organic, you have to pull out the peel, because it is in that part that we found the most of the pesticides.


Put the ingredients in your juice extractor.

Pass through a sieve to extract excess fiber.

Enjoy before meal or on an empty stomach.


A juice must stay a “simple recipe“ in your brain. So, don’t hesitate to change some ingredients of this recipe by what you have on hand. No need to go to the grocery store to make a healthy and delicious juice.

For example, replace:
  • The sunflower shoots by your favorite herb: mint, parsley, basil and even coriander. They will give a fresh side to your juices.
  • The spinach by kale. Taking care of removing the rod in the center, because in will give a too bitter taste.
  • The lime for lemon.
  • The green apple for any variety of apple that you have.


Adjust the quantities to your taste.

The benefits of green vegetables chlorophyll:
  • Reduce body odors such as bad breath, menstrual odors, stool, urine and sweat because of his deodorizing power.
  • Strengthen the blood by oxygenating it.
  • Protect the intestinal flora by absorbing toxins that are in the gut.
  • Be anti-acne and antioxidant because it acts favorably on the skin.

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