Dreaming of the sea during pressotherapy

Pressotherapy, usually shown with those big grey boots, is not the most photogenic spa treatment. But I sure find it surprisingly relaxing.

In my recent stay at Spa Eastman, when I was doing the “initiation to a cure“, pressotherapy was the first treatment on my schedule.

I had spent many hours sitting on a train and then on the bus to get to Eastman so my legs where kind of numb. I knew the treatment would be good for me as pressotherapy significantly reduces swelling and itchiness in the legs by stimulating blood circulation.

Dijana, the aesthetician, invited me to follow her to the pressotherapy salon. Facing Mount Orford, the room was peaceful and inspiring for a moment of pure relaxation. Wrapped with my bathrobe, I climbed on the huge leather chair that was waiting for me. Dijana applied a gel, probably made of mint as it felt really fresh, almost cold. Then she helped me to put on long cotton stockings over which she then slipped the inflatable boots before connecting the rubber tubing into a small air pump. I was ready to take off…

Boots are filled with air, one after the other. Left leg feels the pressure of the inflated boot and then pshhhh, left boot deflates while right boot is starting to inflate. Pfff… Pshhh… Pfff… Pshhh… For me, it’s like being rocked by the sea. A gentle swell that always make me fall asleep. Until I wake myself up with my own snoring!

At the end of the treatment, Dijana removed the boots softly. After a few more minutes of rest, I stood up, smiled at the mountain and left the room with the impression of floating on a cloud.