Eastman-les-Bains: More Renewal & Relaxation than Ever Before!

Press Release

Eastman, Wednesday, July 6th 2011 — Spa Eastman brings all its balneotherapy facilities together under the name of Eastman-les-Bains. With the addition of a second Hammam and new baths, Spa Eastman has improved its hydrotherapy facilities by offering a range of unique therapeutic treatments in which it has developed a solid expertise over the past 15 years (Watsu, Grand bleu, etc.).

An Alternative to Nordic Spas

Spa Eastman invites us to “take the waters” the European way and learn more about the benefits of alternating hot and cold on one’s overall health with the Kneipp approach, among others. Since 2000, Hammam sessions and dips in the frozen pond have been part of Spa Eastman’s regular programming. Now, workshops and information sessions provide a framework for the use of the baths so that customers get the most therapeutic benefit from heat therapy in a safe, respectful and calm setting. While the current trend of Nordic spas offer relaxation with an emphasis on the fun aspect of outdoor baths, Spa Eastman simply continues its mission of always helping people improve their quality of life and health by providing an exceptional experience and giving them the key to integrating this new knowledge to their lifestyle. The President and Director General, Jocelyna Dubuc, explains: “All it takes is a bath or shower at home to enjoy a daily session of thermotherapy and understand the obvious health benefits. If only people knew the impact this can have on circulation, the immune system, stress, sleep… For us, Eastman-les-Bains is a new tool to help us share our knowledge with as many people as we can.”

All Eastman-les-Bains day packages* include lunch and access to all of Spa Eastman’s regular programming including physical activity sessions led by members of our Kinesiology team, guided walks and workshops. Rather than a quick dip in the baths, Eastman-les-Bains is a unique opportunity for renewal in the heart of all that has distinguished Spa Eastman since 1977.

The benefits of Thermalism

In Quebec, thermalism is still not widely used as a tool for maintaining or regaining health. Yet, every year 500 000 spa enthusiasts enjoy stays in French spas**. What’s more, in France the health benefits of these treatments are recognized and the cost of these stays is subsidized by the state at 65%! “Beyond the notion of pleasure and relaxation associated with Nordic spas in Quebec, Eastman-les-Bains wants to highlight the positive impact that thermotherapy has on health and quality of life in North-America” says Ms.Dubuc.

En Route Towards the 35th Anniversary!

The new area dedicated to balneotherapy includes two Hammams, two outdoor hot tubs, a polar bath, a Kneipp bath, a Kneipp arm and leg circuit, indoor and outdoor pools as well as an ecological swimming pond that is open year round. In addition to Eastman-les-Bains, Spa Eastman has also inaugurated a new multi-purpose hall, which can accommodate 100 people, and three newly designed rooms in which water is the focal point of their unique decor. $ 2.5 million dollars were invested in these new facilities. What better opportunity for Spa Eastman to freshen up in time for its 35th anniversary this coming March 21st.

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* Discover Eastman-les-Bains package: 89 $ includes lunch and access to all regular daily programming.

** Les bienfaits du thermalisme on Viva, entre nous la vie :