Tonique Cuisine

Eat organic, buy local, avoid GMO… whew!

I’m doing my best to eat healthy food. I have read “Enter The Zone”, “Foods That Fight Cancer” and Renée Frappier’s books. I know what I should eat. But when I’m standing in front of the food market stalls, trying to buy smart (consume differently!), I sometimes get confused…

“Hey, honey, look at these amazing blueberries!”
– No! Won’t you buy that! They come from the other end of the world!
– Yeah, but they’re organics!
– …

It’s all getting so complicated that I now have to wear my glasses at the grocery store, just to make sure my extra virgin olive oil really is, that my spelt flour is stone ground and that this or that is certified organic & non genetically modified (gmo), natural and local… I think I’ll invent a score sheet that will take all of this into account: organic would be worth 3 points; non gmo, 3 points; from my region, 3 points; good against cancer, full of omega3, gluten free, 2 points each. And so on. When an item would score 10, I’d buy the whole display! Wouldn’t it be more simple?

Fortunately, I will not have to do that (even though I still think it’s not a bad idea!), cause I’m going to the upcoming Eat Well Expo. With the hundred of exhibitors that will be there, I hope to learn all I need to know about organic, non gmo food and all kinds of healthy food such as herbs and teas, juices and pasta, misos, oils, cheeses, yogurts, etc.

If you’re interested about eating well, you just don’t want to miss it. Take a look at Eat Well Expo’s website to see where & when it’s happening.

I’ll be attending the event in Montreal. Some 200 exhibitors are expected, covering the Expo’s themes: organic and healthy foods, ecology & environment and global health. Spa Eastman is one of the exhibitors and I’ll be around their stand now and then; come and say hello!

Hope to see you there!


(Here are the books I talked about at the beginning of this post : “Enter The Zone“, “Foods That Fight Cancer” and Renée Frappier’s books.)