In the Green Travel Guide of Organic Spa Magazine

Spa Eastman is proud to be one of the 20 spas around the world to be featured in Organic Spa Magazine’s Green Travel Guide!

Here is an extract from Irvina Lew’s article:

« Spa Eastman, a 315-acre “country village estate” is located about 90 minutes from Montreal in Canada’s idyllic Eastern Townships.  (…)  From the onset, there was a moral priority to avoid chemical fertilizers and pesticides on the property and to reuse, repair, recycle, or donate furniture and viable goods. In recent years, the spa has made efforts that go beyond using and sourcing organic products. These incorporate sustainable development programs and have been successful in reducing the destination spa’s ecological footprint.»

You can read this review and take a look at the complete Green Travel Guide of Organic Spa Magazine, August/September 2010, by following . The Green Travel Guide starts at page 62 and Spa Eastman’s review is on page 70. Just enter the number of the page you want to see in the blank field at the bottom of the page; then click “enter”.

Lucie Octeau
Community Manager
Spa Eastman