Tonique Cuisine

Interestes in a juice cleanse?

In just over a week we will be welcoming a new group of participants for our regular juice cleanse Cure Revitalisante par les jus. Our kinesiologists are preparing the specialized detox exercise schedule. The naturopaths are finalizing their many conferences and presentations. Alain, our gardener, and his team of assistants are watching over the young growing plants in our gardens which will be harvested for the cure and making sure that the many platters of sprouts and micro-shoots will be ready for the curists’ arrival meal and the following 5 days of juicing.

Did you know that food that is picked and eaten within 24 hours are considered bioactive; they improve your metabolism and general health. Another good reason to follow our Cure revitalisante par les jus from July 5th to 12th.


Our specialised cleanse includes fresh, organic, green juices, our unique Potassium detox broth, as well as three fermented drinks to reinforce the gut bacteria, specially chosen herbal teas to assist our elimination organs and a mineralizing sea vegetable decoction.  It is, of course, rich in wheatgrass juice, fresh sprouts, our own garden greens and a range of super-foods such as turmeric, spirulina, ginger, dandelion root and chaga (to name just a few).


Juicing helps us:

  • Absorb all the nutrients from the sprouts and vegetables;
  • Consume a healthier amount and variety of sprouts and vegetables;
  • Promoting weight loss;
  • Boosting the immune system;
  • Increasing energy levels;
  • Improving sleep;
  • Supporting brain health.

With each retreat here at Spa Eastman we observe the overall increase in well-being of our participants – and in such a short time.  We also have a large number of repeat participants, who now make the Cure revitalisante par les jus part of their prevention approach to overall health.


After a juice cleanse comes the step of transitioning to solid food. It is very important to be gentle with our digestive system which has been in resting mode. This gradual introduction of solids should, in general, take the same number of days as the juice cleanse itself. Begin with small portions, listening attentively to one’s body is important. Foods can include lightly steamed vegetables, easy to digest green sprouts such as broccoli and sunflower, fermented foods, and fresh, ripe berries – as well as continuing with a healthy potassium broth and miso soup. Taking the time to chew well is essential of course.

The Tonique CuisineTM approach, which is both anti-inflammatory and deeply nourishing, is the next logical step in this wellness process. Low temperature cooking techniques, a healthy balance of raw and cooked foods, wise use of fermented and sprouted foods, high quality, unrefined oils and the avoidance of all ingredients which stimulate inflammation and pain are the basis for this delicious and nourishing way of food preparation. The perfect cuisine to transition following your juice cleanse!

For those who wish to learn a little more about different ways to experience a juice cleanse, check out Jason Vale’s documentary Super juice me.  It’s the wonderfully inspiring experience of 8 people with a combined 22 illnesses, and the positive results of their juicing experience.  Note that this is NOT identical to our Spa Eastman Cure revitalisante par les jus, simply an example of that which can be achieved through juicing.