Jocelyna Dubuc of Spa Eastman honoured by the Ministry of Tourism

Quebec City, December 16, 2022 – On November 10, during the Grande Conférence du Sommet du Tourisme de l’Alliance Touristique (an annual tourism conference), Caroline Proulx, Quebec’s Minister of Tourism, presented Jocelyna Dubuc, president and founder of Spa Eastman, with a prestigious award – Grande Bâtisseuse 2022. This title (roughly translated as “Great Builder 2022”) is awarded every year to someone who has spent his or her career making a substantial contribution towards making Quebec a prosperous, sustainable and responsible world-class, tourist destination.  

A visionary who inspires others

Jocelyna Dubuc’s legacy is much greater than the creation of a flourishing, innovative company. When she founded the first “Destination Spa” in Canada, she gave birth to an entire industry. The province of Quebec now has more than 140 spas! A born leader generous with her time, Jocelyna Dubuc has made it her mission to educate the public about the importance of a healthy lifestyle, which she has done through the high quality of the product. She has tirelessly promoted Spa Eastman and by extension, the Eastern Townships – indeed, the whole of Quebec.   

Jocelyna Dubuc is a visionary whose journey inspires and will continue to inspire, our tourism entrepreneurs for a very long time to come. She has shown us that when you truly believe in certain values and your own products, anything is possible! Her contribution to the development of Quebec’s tourism industry is enormous. I am deeply grateful for all the work that Jocelyna has put in over the past 45 years and I offer her my hearty congratulations on this well-deserved award.

Caroline Proulx, Minister of Tourism and Minister Responsible for the Lanaudière Region
Des vacances mieux-être dans un centre de villégiature près de Magog

Jocelyna has never been afraid of competition. On the contrary! With a view to growing Quebec’s tourism industry, she has always thrown herself wholeheartedly into various projects. Among those was becoming a founder of the Association des Relais Santé (now Association québécoise des Spas) and serving as president of Tourisme Cantons-de-l’Est (Tourism Eastern Townships or TCE).  

“I always maintain that we’re partners, not competitors. They’re in other countries! We’ve got nothing to worry about here in Quebec. We can just focus on helping one another.” 

Jocelyna Dubuc, founder and president of Spa Eastman

Spreading the world about the Art of Living  

Over the more than four decades since its founding, Spa Eastman has had a strong influence on social issues in Quebec – the role that good nutrition plays in wellness, the protection of the environment and the importance of preventing disease in the first place. 

Jocelyna’s most recent innovation is the construction of “Oasis” – a collection of eco-friendly pavilions that will bequeath future generations with a venue where they can rejuvenate their bodies and minds, in harmony with Mother Nature.  

Discover the video produced by the Minister of Tourism to honor Jocelyna Dubuc (in French)

Jocelyna gave a speech during the gala to express her gratitude and inspire all the tourism industry (in French)

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