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Kévin Bélisle Awarded Chef Santé 2013


Kévin Bélisle Awarded Chef Santé 2013
by the Société des chefs cuisiniers et pâtissiers du Québec

Eastman, May 24, 2013 – At a gala hosted by the Société des chefs cuisiniers et pâtissiers du Québec in Montreal last Sunday, Spa Eastman’s chef, Kévin Bélisle, was honoured as Chef Santé 2013.

Knowledgeable, Bold and Creative

For many years Spa Eastman has been offering a cuisine that respects the principles of healthful nutrition: products with little or no processing, organic first cold pressed oils, natural sugars, etc. The challenge for the cooking staff has always been great.

Since his arrival as Chef, Kévin Bélisle has started a culinary revolution: embracing Spa Eastman’s mission and creating a deliciously bold gastronomy that highlights the most demanding principles in healthful cuisine. “Kévin Bélisle is fully deserving of his nomination as 2013’s Chef santé thanks to his knowledge, professionalism, boldness and creativity. His desire to seduce clients with delicious recipes that include healthful nutrition have the power convert even the staunchest foodie into a health conscious gourmand”, says President Jocelyna Dubuc.

Chef Kévin Bélisle

Before his arrival in 2011, Kévin Bélisle perfected his art in France in many great restaurants. Most notably, he worked with Jean-Luc Rabanel the first Chef, specializing in organic vegetarian-based meals, Michelin starred.

Early in 2012 he started collaborating with Spa Eastman’s Nutritherapist, Jean-Marc Enderlin, to establish guidelines ensuring that the kitchen offers meals that are hypotoxic, in other words, have no short or long-term side effects such as heartburn and fatigue. Implementing these new guidelines has changed Spa Eastman’s meal preparation by lowering cooking temperatures.

“Leading the kitchen of one of North America’s best spas is the greatest challenge of my career, but our distinctive menus offering meals that are healthful as well as delicious is what makes me truly proud”, emphasized Chef Kévin Bélisle at the Gala last Sunday.

Be Part of Chef Kévin Bélisle’s Brigade

Chef Kévin Bélisle is looking for a cook and sous-chef to complete his brigade while he continues to elaborate recipes for a cookbook that will be published this fall. Spa Eastman is looking for talented candidates who wish to learn more about hypotoxic nutrition. The mandate is for three months with a possibility of a permanent position afterward. Interested candidates must apply immediately through Spa Eastman’s Human Resources department at 450 297-2906, extension 307. Or send their resume to [email protected], care of Martin Champagne.

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Magalie Lajoie, marketing coordinator
450 297-2906 ext 364; [email protected]

Jocelyna Dubuc, President
Spa Eastman