Let's move – Fitness Training

I am thrilled to start this series of posts on fitness. Following Lucie’s efforts to get back in shape will give me the opportunity to share good tips with you on “why” and “how” should we try to stay fit.

Before we start

Let’s say it clearly: having an inactive lifestyle has just the same kind of impact as smoking.  (Read it from Public Health Agency of Canada)

According to World Health Organization, the recommended amount of physical activity is 30 minutes every day. That is 30 minutes of moderate-intensity physical activity every day. If it’s low-intensity activities you’re doing, then you have to do it for 60 minutes. These timelines won’t bring you to the level of fitness of an Olympic athlete (unless you already are!); it will just help you keep your actual fitness level. At least, it might keep away some diseases identified as linked with inactivity like obesity, diabetes, etc.

First of all

The first thing I had to ask Lucie is : what’s your objective? Why do you want to integrate physical activity in your daily life? We must focus on one and only one objective at first; otherwise, we may quit our training because the goals are to challenging. Even though she says she’d like to loose a few pounds, tighten her belly, shape her thighs, she agrees that her priority is to preserve her health, and improve her cardio health.

Fitness Training & Lifestyle

Needless to say that the best fitness training program won’t do miracles if not combined with healthy eating habits. Junk-food, soft drinks and candies just don’t go with it. I personally like a 80/20 balance: I do what I think is good for me 80% of the time… and have lots of fun for the other 20% of the time!

And of course, one should always ask for their doctor’s approval before undergoing any fitness program. In Lucie’s case, she got her OK last December (just took her a while before moving into action!).

In my next post, I’ll give tips and advices to Lucie so she can increase her training period and maximise the results.

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So… what will be your 30 minutes of activities today?