Massage therapy and body treatments for clients suffering from cancer

Recently, Spa Eastman proudly made this announcement:

« In order to offer a moment of rest and relaxation to clients suffering from cancer, Spa Eastman has given specialized training to its massage therapists, aestheticians as well as to its reservations staff to improve skills that will allow them to adequately receive and offer support to this clientele. »

I wasn’t aware of this but it seems like massage therapists and aestheticians in the spa industry are often confronted with a lack of specialized skills needed when offering treatments to clients suffering from cancer. And when they don’t know how to do it, most of the time, they simply refuse to give the treatments. As if it wasn’t enough to be fighting against cancer, clients had to fight for their need to relax in a peaceful environment. In certain cases, clients suffering from cancer prefered to keep their disease a secret lest they be refused access to treatments. Which was not the best thing to do either.

With this specialized training offered to Spa Eastman’s staff, they now are able to respect the clients need and even exceed their expectations. 

Created exclusively for Spa Eastman, this training has helped massage therapists learn to adapt massage techniques and body treatments to the cancer patients’ capacity to receive these treatments and in accordance with treatment protocols. The aestheticians and reservations staff have also received a training that is adapted to their level intervention with the same clientele.

When Spa Eastman sent a press release about it a couple of weeks ago, one of my Facebook Friend contacted me, telling me he was worry that Â«his Spa Eastman» eventually looks like an hospital. I asked Jocelyna Dubuc, President & Executive Director, how they would deal with this issue. Her answer was quick and simple: «It won’t make any difference because these clients were already here before anyway, lying about their condition or frustrated for not receiving the treatments they wanted. Now, at last, they’ll be enjoying professional and adapted treatments, perfectly suited to their needs. Just like any other guest».

Now, if one of your loved-one is suffering from cancer, tell them about this: untill June 12th, Spa Eastman is offering a free massage to those suffering from cancer. All they need to do is call Spa Eastman (1 800 665-5272), Spa Eastman Montréal (514 845-8455) or Spa Eastman Ile des Soeurs (514 766-4000) and reserve their “Massage Retreat”. Note that the number of places is limited.

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