Motivation to respect your work-out program

The main challenge we face, when starting some kind of a training program, is to stick to it after the first enthousiasm vanishes. Because it does… With a bit of luck, the enthousiasm will last for at least 3 to 4 weeks, which should be enough to get addicted to the boost of energy and pleasure generated by endorphin.

As Marie-Josée Dauphinais, kinesiologist at Spa Eastman, says: “It’s a long term commitment to decide to be more active. We should be as active as we can as long as we live.”  So, we don’t have to feel guilty if we “cheat” on our program once in a while… we have the rest of our life to improve!

But just in case you lack of motivation one day, watch the little video that follows. It’s not just motivation. I call that “inspiration”. (Watch this!)