My Floral Notes; a new Deco therapy collection

Deco therapy is the art of surrounding yourself with things that make you feel good. When you look at decorating from this perspective, you can become more focused in your choices, selecting objects that answer your real needs. It’s an innovative way of decorating that truly makes sense in this era of uncertainty and tumult. Your home should be a peaceful place where you can recharge your batteries!

In my studio, I come up with ideas based on my most profound thoughts. I interpret them with decorative lettering and images that I turn into wall art. The themes I create reflect the values and aspirations that I hold dear. Seeing wall art integrated as part of one’s home surroundings is a constant reminder of what is important in life. Deco therapy in action!

My personal mantra sums up my philosophy, « Our thoughts create our actions and our thoughts create our life, which, in turn is a reflection of our thoughts! »

Taking my cue from this most unusual fall, I have put together a collection entitled  Mes notes florales. (My Floral Notes). Inspired by the plant world, each illustration is carefully created by hand and screen printed one by one. The collection reflects a particular thought (or thoughts), underscored by my personal truths and creative energy.

In the spirit of Wabi-sabi…

Deco therapy also encapsulates the spirit of Wabi-sabi, a Japanese world view centred on the acceptance of imperfection and the beauty of the ephemeral. Because the paper is handmade with natural borders and textures, each piece is unique. Éphémère (Ephemeral) is a limited edition. Each pair of images in this collection is signed and numbered on the back.

Since time immemorial, flowers have reflected our moods and feelings, explains Sandra Léveillé.They so beautifully convey human emotions. In this extraordinary era, I wanted these five pairs of images to echo what we are all going through right now. 


A common thread…

Right from the start, I wanted to dedicate this collection to women, so with that in mind, the manner in which I interpret my thoughts and convert them into art, exudes a feminine touch. I showcase women’s singular beauty and immense goodness, those who give back to society and those who would do anything for their families… They certainly deserve our gratitude! 

My Floral Notes was launched in October – Breast Cancer Awareness Month – to offer a balm for the heart and to give hope and comfort to all those women near and far who have been (or who are) touched by this frightening disease.

I find myself being profoundly moved, almost quivering with excitement when I look at flowers, admits Léveillé. Just observing them at close quarters, fills me with gratitude for all the wonders of the universe….Flowers certainly inspired me to create these ‘floral notes’ – especially for you! -SL

May this Deco therapy touch your heart and strengthen your inner resources! Throughout this very unusual fall, I hope my Floral Notes will turn your home into a comforting, inspiring cocoon…

Showcased at Spa Eastman

I wanted to showcase Deco therapy in order to encourage you to have a peaceful fall. My collection is on sale at Spa Eastman’s boutique.  


Earlier this year, author and artist Sandra Léveillé introduced herself through a blog post entitled Murmure de l’océan : une nouvelle collection de Sandra Léveillé. Two of her former collections are exhibited in Spa Eastman’s Corrid’Art namely, Retrouver le Nord (Rediscovering the North) and  Murmure de l’océan (Whisper of the Ocean).

In this emotion-filled season, the artist’s collection, based on her most profound thoughts, can transmit a feeling of well-being to the world at large! This new floral Deco therapy is now available at the Spa Eastman boutique.