My private health consultation says…

When I made my reservation for this stay, I had plenty of choice: Relaxation & Vitality package, Relaxation & Fitness, Signature package… But I chose the cure instead. I guess I knew I needed it.

I’m in good shape and I eat well. I cook my bread, cakes, cookies, mayonnaise, soups and yogurt most of the time instead of buying it. I use good olive oil, grounded flours and natural cane sugar. All of these “organic” whenever possible. I thought it was enough.

But lately, I knew I was eating more than ever. I felt like I was always hungry. Of course, I was starting to feel my clothes sort of shrinking on me. That’s when I thought about the cure, hoping to find tricks to calm my hearty appetite.

At the beginning of my stay, I met with Ilona, naturopath, for my private health consultation. Before meeting her, I had to fill a 8-page questionnaire concerning my medical background and any symptoms I could have related to respiratory system, nervous system, circulatory system, digestive system, etc.

I gave it to Ilona and she went through it all. Except for my eating rages, I really felt I had no problems at all. Then she started the urine tests…

Tests revealed that my liver is mad at me! The poor thing is starting to be intoxicated. Taking my diet and my blood type into account, Ilona told me that red meat probably was the cause of it and that I should try to eat less pork and beef.

Five years ago, I have read this book on blood type diet “Eat right for your type“; I knew fish & poultry to be better for me then red meet and I adjusted my diet accordingly for a few years. Then, my husband & I went for a 8-month trip on our sailboat. Needless to say I ate lots of fish during that period. When we came back home, last May, I got totally nuts about how much food I could fit in my home freezer so I started filling it with whatever-the-deal-of-the-week was, including red meat. Ten months later, my liver was already suffering from this new diet. My cure put me back on track just on time!

If you are not familiar with this “eating according to your blood type” thing, I suggest you take a look at Dr. Peter D’Adamo’s web site. It gives a brief but efficient explanation of it. To make a long story short, let’s compare our bodies to cars: depending on the type of engine, some cars need diesel, some need gas. Well, depending on our blood type, some food is better then other. Fortunately, in our case, the impact of eating something we shouldn’t is not as bad as it is for cars. Our engine won’t stop in the middle of the ride without giving us some kind of warning! In my case, my liver was showing signs of fatigue ‘cause it has to work harder to do its job properly.

Ilona suggested me to reduce red meat for a while. In the meantime, I’m taking drops of liquid herbal extracts to help soothe my system. I also have enzymes capsules in my purse in case I’d be invited somewhere with no choice but some huge roast beef dinner!

It’s been 10 days since I’ve returned from my cure at Spa Eastman. For some reason I ignore, I am eating more slowly then I was before and I am not always hungry like I was. And my jeans are already more comfortable than they were!

Ain’t that great?