Natural Negative Ions; benefactors for health

Have you ever surprised yourself to say how good is the air far from the city? To feel an instant well-being at the contact with nature without knowing that air his particularly rich in negative ions.

What Are Negative Ions?

Section written by Guylaine Cliche in the Livre qui fait du bien.

The sun is a big benefactor for health, but rain is one too. In fact, it is not rain, but negative ions that emanate from it. The health is strongly influenced by the air quality that we breath. More an environment contains negative ions, more air is healthy.

For example, a waterfall produces approximately 50 000 negative ions by cubic centimeter, while city air contains only 200.

The level lower even more in our car and our house: between 15 to 150 negative ions per cubic centimeter. An environment low in negative ions, meaning rich in positive ions, disturb concentration, mood, sleep, and leads to tiredness, irritability, etc.

Atmospheric pollution, air-conditioned rooms, CRT screens (like the one of computers) generate positive ions. In the other hand, an environment where de level of negative ions is high promotes oxygenation of tissues, a restful sleep, and reduce stress, depression, inflammation, allergens, etc.

Get some air

So go on, enjoy the next raining day to move outside.

All these places contain concentrated amounts of negative ions:

  • The sea shores
  • Mountains
  • Close to a water source or a waterfall
  • Countryside… or places far from big cities

And when it is impossible, there’s still little solutions:

  • Open your house’s windows everyday
  • Take a shower (as simple as that)
  • Take a walk in an area concentrated in mature tree

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Crédit photo : MB Photographie - Mélodie Béland
Crédit photo : MB Photographie – Mélodie Béland

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