Tonique Cuisine

Our harvests in a glass

Having the opportunity to be spending two months in Australia this year, to study the flourishing organic, local and seasonal approach to food production and the impact this has on the amazingly innovative Australia’s restaurants and overall nutrition, has been both exciting and inspiring for me. Current avant-gardist food trends here in the land ‘’down-under’’ are at the forefront of an environmentally and culinary wellness movement which is the dream of every naturopath/nutritherapist!

This antipodean experience also shows me how, here at Spa Eastman, we are truly leading the way in the ‘real food’ movement in Canada. Our upcoming September juice cleanse retreat is one of the most exciting and rewarding moments on our yearly calendar – when we are able to offer not only a deeply rejuvenating and energizing juice/liquid fast for highly motivated clients who prioritize their wellness path, but an exceptional ‘’fresh and local’’ experience.


Our extensive organic gardens are perhaps one of Spa Eastman’s best kept secrets, and our master gardener and herbalist Alain Desrochers is behind all of this.

Thanks to Alain and his team, 85% of our ingredients for the September juice retreat are grown and produced here on our land at Spa Eastman, creating a farm to table – or in this case…garden to juice glass – experience which is exceptional. Not only am I able to control the quality of the produce which makes up the daily liquids and juices for this retreat, but also the provenance.

Baskets of fresh greens, herbs, edible flowers, sprouts, fruits and vegetables arrive from our gardens early in the morning. They are then transformed into delicious juices and broths which are consumed either minutes or – at the most – a few hours later, thus keeping all the living properties of the ingredients.


To observe the “before and after’’ faces of our many participants over the years, I have been able to see firsthand the amazing benefits of this retreat, the improved energy and vitality of our curists, and the regain of their zest for life. More and more research is supporting the benefits of a break from our every-day stress and food consumption, and that fasting (or pauses from eating solid, hard-to-digest foods) is proving to have a multitude of benefits for our long term physical and mental wellbeing. One of the reasons being because it gives a break to the digestive system that never stops working, even when you’re sleeping.

Do join us on September 13th at Spa Eastman for an exceptional ‘’wellness’’ retreat filled with nutrient-dense juices and liquids, infrared saunas, Kneipp circuit, and a program filled with detox-based activities, conferences and exercises to please even the most discerning of wellness aficionados. Spa Eastman’s team of experts will be here to support you during one of the most invigorating moments of your life.

I’m really looking forward to sharing this end-of-summer explosion of flavours and savors with you all!

Sending you sunshine and light from the beautiful Australian east coast.


Speaker, naturopath, nutritherapist, graduated in international cuisine, coach in healthy habits and consultant in integration of health menus in companies / institutions. Veronica Kaczmarowski prioritizes global health through an ancestral approach, the natural way of functioning of the human body and the importance of a living, vegan and anti-inflammatory diet. Originally from Australia, Veronica traveled for seven years around the world observing the culinary habits and lifestyles of different cultures. After thirty years of experience and two restaurants, she continues her passion of supporting people in their transition to better health here at Spa Eastman.