Paying attention to our breathing is a simple and effective way to soothe the mind. Reduction of stress and anxiety, lowering and stabilizing blood pressure, muscle relaxation, increase in vital energy, there are so many benefits of good breathing. Breath is at the center of balance and maintenance of life. Here is a simple breathing exercise to practice several times a day… (Attention! The benefits can create a dependence on conscious breathing!)

Exercise: 16 seconds from happiness!

Several times a day, I recommend that you take the time to re-center yourself with this little practical exercise with multiple benefits. Free, accessible at any time, it allows us to anchor ourselves in the present moment.


  1. Place your feet on the ground, pay attention to your posture (back straight, shoulders relaxed)
  2. Close your eyes; this simple gesture helps reduce stimuli
  3. Observe if your jaw is tense and if so, release it gently
  4. Take a big breath and inhale for 4 seconds, hold it for 4 seconds, exhale for 4 seconds and take a short break of 4 seconds.
  5. You can re-do the cycle a few times in a row.

This little exercise is extremely effective, it helps us to release what no longer serves us, in addition to bringing a moment of consciousness HERE and NOW. If you can use a synergy of essential oils to sooth the nervous system, the benefits will only increase. (*)

Note, it is very accessible for children. Personally, I adapted it by calling it the 4×4; to try out before bedtime, to calm down during emotional turbulence, to sooth and connect before leaving for school, in short, any opportunity is good to remind everyone of the importance of a good deep breath!

Enjoy the summer!

Looking forward to seeing you at Spa Eastman during special events or at the September Retreat (26th-27th-28th): Retraite Nature & Ayurveda!

Exercise adapted from the book : Nature & Ayurveda: Plantes, Épices, Recettes Et Rituels Bien-être
St-Laurent, Krystine, publié aux Éditions De L’Homme, 2018.
(*) Roll-on Inspirata Yoga available at the boutique of Spa Eastman


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