From a different point of view…

Last week, I was on vacation. What does Spa Eastman’s blogmaster do while on vacation? Run for a lovely spa escapade with her tender half!

While I was there, I shared photos on our Facebook Fanpage but I wanted to show you more.

It’s been 20 years this year since I first visited Spa Eastman as a client. I was “this close” from a serious burnout and it kindda saved me from the big fall. Since then, my relationship with the Spa became a love affair. I now share the same values and I’ve adopted every side of the healthy lifestyle it offers: healthy eating, exercising, stress managing, using massage therapy and professional body care to improve my overall well-being… At the age of 48, I now feel better then when I was 25!

All this being said, it also means that since 1993 I’ve been staring at majestic Mount Orford from below. Last week, during this spa vacation with my husband, I decided to climb to the summit and enter the scene from behind. Here are a few photos of this expedition in the heart of the Eastern Townships.

Once at the top, 4 belvederes allows us to embrace the spectacular sight.

Can’t wait to come back!