Spa Eastman: Greener than ever!

Boy! Am I proud of “my” Spa Eastman these days! They received not one, not two, but three major recognitions for their “green” actions and environmental conciousness! Read about these prices here

Since its opening back in 1977, Spa Eastman has always given lots of care not to use chemical fertilisers or pesticides in its gardens, yards and landscaping; they ‘ve always tried to buy as much organic food whenever possible… but 31 years ago, that kind of behavior wasn’t trendy at all: it was just totally weird!

Fortunately, these fundamental values on which lies Spa Eastman’s mission are now shared by more and more people every day.

I personaly try to do as much as I can to Reduce, Reuse, Recycle… I buy organic as often as possible, encourage local producers to avoid having to buy something that travelled more than I ever will, I use eco-friendly cleaning products, try not to buy “new” as much as I can…

My friends and family are starting to be, let’s say… “influenced” by my behavior and my “green” arguments. A couple of weeks ago, my good friend Lise came to me proudly and said:

“Lucie, guess what? You finally convinced me: I found an eco-fashion website and I just ordered six eco-organic-fair-trade-and-everything t-shirts! I’m turning green too you see!”

I could have asked her why she did not buy her t-shirts at one of the many boutiques closeby but instead, I just asked her:

“Well, Lise, don’t you already have dozens of it? Why did you need to buy new t-shirts in the first place? You don’t even need it! (I started to laugh gently and added: ) Come on Lise, buying something you don’t really need is not green at all!!!”

Humm… I think it wasn’t the reaction she had expected… sorry ma belle! 

That’s too bad ’cause it’s getting trendy to buy “green”. I personally believe that the “greenest” purchase is the one I don’t do.

But talking about buying, we had to buy a car last week. We were proud of the rusted wreck we had but it was getting dangerous to drive the thing. I would have love to buy a hybrid car (electricity-gas, 2007) but it wasn’t time for it. Bought the second best option: a 3-year old car from a company that already offers hybrid models (our support to their efforts).

Since the past few days, I keep singing Jack Johnson’s song: “I got a symbol in my driveway…” and I give it a whole new meaning…