Spa Eastman is once more named Canada’s Best Wellness Retreat

For a second consecutive year, Spa Eastman has made its mark on the world stage! The wellness pioneer has once more been voted Canada’s Best Wellness Retreat by the World Spa Awards, proving once again that after 45 years, Spa Eastman is still at the leading edge of this key industry.

Addressing a variety of challenges

Well-being varies from person to person. Many factors come into play. Whether referring to diet, physical exercise, sleep patterns, self-esteem or anxiety, there isn’t a one-size-fits-all formula. So how does Spa Eastman address some of these challenges? There isn’t just a single path to helping clients, but rather several paths. Spa Eastman offers a range of strategies through private consultations, themed retreats and wellness seminars (presented in a gentle, reassuring way) that can help individuals achieve a state of well-being.

Whether you know exactly what your goals are or you don’t know where to start, our programming and services will steer you in the right direction. We offer 50 themed retreats that teach a range of disciplines and practices, using wellness tools such as Ayurveda, diet or even deco therapy. If you’re having trouble knowing what exactly you need, you can sample one of our packages. By spending time at Spa Eastman, tasting our Tonic Cuisine™, connecting with nature, enjoying treatments, attending conferences and workshops and having informative sessions with our experts, you’ll return home with a wealth of knowledge and tools for a more balanced lifestyle!

Jocelyna Dubuc, Président and Founder, Spa Eastman

Encouraging authentic, supportive and meaningful relationships

Spa Eastman listens to what its clients need and is constantly making adjustments. A prime example has been its ability as a wellness leader, to respond to the upheavals in society brought about by technology and social media – fast-moving changes that have left people around the world feeling isolated and lonely. Spa Eastman has put in place initiatives to foster authentic, supportive and meaningful relationships. One move has been introducing a “communal” table where strangers are seated together, encouraging them to chat to one another and enjoy a good meal. Another has been the introduction of “themed” retreats where groups of people with similar challenges and wellness goals attend seminars together.

During our retreats, the comments we hear most often are how a great chemistry always develops between the members of a group, leading to instant friendships! Participants also comment on the kindness of the facilitators. Then there are the seminars. But these get-togethers all encourage people to bring up questions and discuss personal challenges, benefitting directly from the expertise of our professional staff.

Marie-Ève Gosselin, Individual and Group Manager

A great customer experience

In addition to the attentive service and themed programming, Spa Eastman exudes a warm, welcoming ambience – that special “something” which is hard to put into words.

This award has really been earned by all our employees! A big thank you to the reception and boutique staff for their ability to listen and respond patiently to our clients. Thanks also to the kitchen team whose passion and creativity lie behind every dish and to the waitstaff who serve the food with courtesy and kindness. To the massage therapists and beauticians for the exemplary quality of their care and to the maintenance and service people for keeping the premises in such pristine condition. And last, but not least, the management. Thank you all for being here day after day…

Daniel Duquette, General Manager

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