Still in love after 15 years

I had a wonderful 3-day stay at Spa Eastman.

I had chosen the 30th anniversary package, “Initiation to a cure”.  And did enjoyed every minute of it.

I arrived in Eastman village in Limocar bus, from Montreal. As planned when I made my reservation, someone was sent to pick me up at the bus station. I was at Spa Eastman’s reception desk at 11:30 and in the pool for an aqua-dance session at noon. I was ready to take full advantage of it all.

After lunch I met with Ilona, naturopath, for a private health consultation which allowed me to benefit of a totally personalized cure. Then I received my first treatment, a pressotherapy, well appreciated after my trip on the bus. At 4 o’clock, I was ready for a hammam-snow session… that finally turned out to be a hammam-dip-in-the-frozen-pound experience! At the end of the afternoon, I had a hydrotherapy with massage. Whew! Was I quiet at dinner time you ask?

My “cure” menu was made of salad, soup and a delicious fish with grilled vegetables. Couldn’t ask for more. The evening went on with a slow walk in the paths and ended with a short conference on the power of dreams. I was ready to go to sleep and indeed kind of melted into the mattress…

The rest of my stay was just as perfect. Fitness walks, Aroma Flow treatment, aquagym session, a workshop on fitness assessment and personalized training, a massage, anti-gymnastics and relaxation, relaxing through laughter… and I must forget some of it. Of course, it was my choice not to miss anything. Seven activities are scheduled daily but everyone decides if they wish to attend or not.

I will tell you about every single element of my program in many posts to come. But I wanted to share one specific thing with you right away.

I first went to Spa Eastman 15 years ago. Then, I worked on-site for a year. Then I worked with Jocelyna Dubuc, the president, on many different projects. Then I started writing most of the official information about Spa Eastman. I really thought I knew all about it…

But I wasn’t expecting so much passion from all the therapists and speakers. Ilona, Nicole, Michel, Isabelle… They are all simply fantastic! They make you feel like they’ve been waiting for you all their life! They share their knowledge with passion in the hope you’ll keep some of it to improve your overall well-being. 

And it works!

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