The Big Blue; a great movie and an amazing massage!

Remember the movie The Big Blue? When I first went to Spa Eastman, I really was in love with this movie. I had the 6-feet high poster in my living room and the sound track of the movie kept playing all the time. It was in 1992.

Back then, I had a hydrotherapy with massage on my schedule. Had no idea what it was. I entered the treatment room and there was this huge blue bath tub in the middle of the place. As “hydrotherapy with massage” still meant nothing to me, so I called it “the big blue” instead (Le Grand Bleu in french). A year later, when I started to work at Eastman, I worked on the new brochure: that’s when the hydrotherapy with massage officially became Le Grand Bleu.So when I went for my “initiation to a cure” stay, a few weeks ago, I was really thrilled of having this treatment again.I took place in the (still big blue!) tub. Valérie, my massage therapist, explained to me what she would do while setting the program that controls the numerous jets. And the fun started. Jets were on my feet for a while, then on my back, then around my shoulder with an interesting rhythm. But it wasn’t all! During that time, Valérie grabbed the water jet hose and started the massage on my feet and legs. Movements reminded me of a lymphatic drainage massage. The impact of the jet is greatly improved with the fact that we’re surrounded by warm water. I don’t think any tensed shoulder can resist!

Once the underwater jet massage was over, I got out of the tub and had to lie on the massage table standing just a few feet from the tub. Valérie started massaging my legs again, and my back. I felt so relaxed… When I had received this treatment 16 years ago, it was my first stay ever at Spa Eastman. And I really needed it. I had received some other treatments the days before but I had not been able to really relax, to “let go”, untill I had the Grand Bleu.And now, some 16 years later, it is just as magic as it was!Lucie