If your run makes you feel too hot and it is only 7h00 am we have a problem. There is something missing either before you go running or while you are running. Here are a few simple things to try before quitting running in the summer:DRINK WATER! Newsflash! (The ACSM (Amercian College of Sports Medicine) guidelines suggest drinking anywhere from about 14 to 27 ounces per hour,7120,s6-238-267-269-11993-0,00.html

Where a hat and sunglasses.

Where loose clothing, nothing tight for more ventilation . To protect you from the sun you could even run with long sleeves but in a very light fabric. Find a good store which specializes in running and they will be more than happy to help you choose the right gear. We love Boutique Le Coureur (In Sherbrooke, Québec)

Drink before your run and use your one minute walking break every nine minutes to get a few sips in.

If you drink coffee before your run, on hot days you could skip it and wait after your run (it would be your little treat). That’s what I do, I use it as my moment to myself (when I can escape long enough before my three little wonders start calling my name… But that said coffee is not a bad thing for runners if you are used to having it everyday before your run. Just listen to your body.


If all this does not make a difference than you will have to get up a little earlier. The nice thing is that there are no cars on the streets, less pollution, less noise, more little animals to enjoy looking at and the sun is not quite awake yet!!!

And if you can finish your run with a dip in a pool or a lake than you will feel like your day as just begun again. I promise !