Welcome to Spa Eastman 2.0!

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A New Web site, an Assertive Blog:
This is Spa Eastman 2.0!

Eastman, Septembre 14th – Over the past few weeks Spa Eastman’s presence on the World Wide Web has undergone a major upgrade. More than ever before, Web site, blogs and social media facilitate interactions between Internet users.

Spa Eastman 2.0

Spa Eastman and Spa Eastman Montreal’s new Web site have a whole new design making it easier to surf and better adapted to today’s information technologies. In addition, the Web site make room for social media.

Jocelyna Dubuc, Spa Eastman’s President and General Director, believes refurbishing the Web site and taking advantage of the power of social media was the next logical step: “From a purely technical and design standpoint, our Web site needed enhancement. Also, our new Web site reflects our desire to maintain and develop a platform that enables us to interact with our clientele.”

Spa Eastman worked with Reptiletech – Agence Web to develop a Web site that meets specific technical needs and a desire to effectively keep clients informed, and all this in an atmosphere that makes surfing fun and relaxing, of course! To reach this important objective, Django’s powerful Web framework was used.

A Blog for Lovers of Spa Eastman

Spa Eastman’s blog, created in January 2008, has undergone a major overhaul and has been online since a few days only. It is the place for Lovers of Spa Eastman to connect. The blog encourages exchanges on four main topics: fitness, healthful nutrition, spa treatments and renewal, and the environment. From now on, there is also a section where you can learn about the members of both Spa Eastman and Spa Eastman Montreal’s teams. There will also be a section for recipes and tips from the chef. Click on “What’s New” and keep up with Spa Eastman in the news, read the latest press releases and find out about new products and treatments. There’s even a special place for clients to write a comment about their stay.

Spa Eastman’s blogger and social media expert, Lucie Octeau, will be collaborating with an exceptional group made up of trained professionals and lecturers who lead workshops and thematic weekends. In other words, these bloggers have one important thing in common: they are all madly in love with Spa Eastman!

The blog, created using WordPress, also acts as a porthole that leads its readers towards other social media such as Facebook, Twitter, FlickR, etc. Thanks to this powerful medium Spa Eastman hopes to facilitate exchanges among visitors to the Web site. This conversation has been loud and clear for the past 2 years primarily as a result of Spa Eastman’s blog and Facebook.

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Nathalie Roy, Director Spa Development & Fitness
450 297-2906 ext. 313 ; [email protected]

Jocelyna Dubuc, President and General Director
Spa Eastman