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Yoga: An Art of Living

Hello everyone!

Let me introduce myself as this is my first participation to this blog.

I have been teaching yoga for many years, and giving classes and workshops at Spa Eastman for 4 years now. And it is a real privilege for me to practice yoga as a philosophy of life in such an inspiring environment.

I have a full training in the Viniyoga approach, (word that means “adaptation”). This is why everybody can practice this yoga, without any risk of overdoing it. Over the years, I heard people say they quit yoga because they harmed themselves.

Viniyoga can be whatever you need because you start from where you are and the only thing that can happen is improvement!

What it does for you is priceless : you become more at ease with this body of yours, you lower your stress factor, your mind gets sharper, you learn to breathe properly, which gives you a lot more energy and adds vitality to your cells.

That’s why people say after only a few weeks of practice: “Wow! I sleep better” or “I don’t have this back pain any more” or “My capacity of concentration has increased”.

Yoga is in fact a 2 for 1 because the body and the mind are interconnected and when we rejuvenate the body, we are doing so for the mind. Better health and peace of mind certainly make us happier beings.

What works so well in yoga?

Well, we add consciousness to everything we do, we connect the breath to the movement, and so, we become more unified.

In the next workshop, taking place on the first weekend of June, you will learn postures and breathing exercises that will be useful in your everyday life. Also, some simple actions and attitudes to practice on a regular basis that will prevent accumulation. It will be a pleasure for me to guide you in your personal needs.

I hope to meet you then!

p.s.: Next Yoga weekends at Spa Eastman: from June 4th to June 6th (click for details); also from July 30th to August 1st (click for details).