Frequently asked questions

What measures are in place with the vaccination passport?

Spa Eastman is following the government directives by complying with the measures required by the health authorities. Whether you are vaccinated or not, you can still visit us. Depending on your particular situation however, certain restrictions apply.

Access to our site is controlled upon your arrival, whether for a day or a stay. You must present your QR code on arrival in order to attend conferences and activities as well as to frequent the restaurant. Outside of these services, unvaccinated visitors will still be able to circulate freely in the lodges, rooms and heat therapy facilities. For unvaccinated guest, they can collect their meal (in the form of a tray or bag to take away) in the dining room and enjoy it in their room.

Guest who come only for treatment or consultation will not be screened.

We invite you to consult our sanitary measures page for more information on the implementation of the vaccination passport in our facilities.

Are your baths and swimming pools open?

Yes, baths and swimming pools are open. Due to the current situation and the distancing measures, capacity restrictions in indoor and outdoor swimming pools and baths are in place.

Do I have to book access to the baths?

Yes, reservation is required for access to the baths. For a reservation, simply call us at 450-297-3009.

Is it required to wear a mask in baths and swimming pools?

No, wearing a mask is not recommended in humid areas. It must therefore be withdrawn. However, it is mandatory to wear it when traveling within the establishment.