Frequently asked questions

Discover the questions we are frequently asked. Whether it’s about our stays, our activities, the restaurant, access to the baths… you will find your answer there.

Frequently asked questions

Is it possible to book a one or two nights stay?

To make you fully live the Spa Eastman, the stays are minimum three nights.

Can we book our stay online?

You can book your three nights or more stay online. You just have to select your package, and the room categories that you want.

Can we book an acces to baths online?

No, you cannot book your daily package – which we call One0day retreat – online. Visit our page One-day retreat to see the inclusions. Then call us to make your reservation at 450-297-3009.

Do I need to reserve for a daily bath access?

Yes, the reservation is required for bath access. The booking has to be done with our receptionists at 450-297-3009.

What do you suggest to bring to my next visit at Spa Eastman?

A bathing suit, sandals and a reusable water bottle that you can fill on site. All of our packages (with or without lodging) include wellness activities. Be sure to bring appropriate clothes and shoes.

Which activities will be scheduled during my visit?

Fully enjoy your stay by participating in various activities that are offered with your package. Indoor and outdoor activities, conferences and even more! Check our calendar to see the choices offered for the next week.

Do you have charging stations for electric cars?

Certainly, the Spa Eastman has 6 connections for electric cars, including 2 for Telsa.

What are the room categories in the Principal Pavilion?

The room categories in the Principal Pavilion are: Spacious Orford Mount view and terrace, Superior Orford Mount view and terrace and Superior view of the woodland and balcony. Visit our page room categories for more details.

How can I see photos of the rooms and the pavilions?

To give you an idea of our room categories, please visit our pavilions and rooms.

Is wifi included in the rooms?

Wifi is included only in the Principal Pavilion rooms. Take this opportunity to get off the hook as much as you can during your stay by adding the disconnection option to your stay. If you hold on during all your stay, we offer you an energy nap to congratulate you.

Is the buffet formula still available?

This formula is suspended for sustainable developement reasons. Your breakfast includes muffin, berries and homemade yogurt. The diner and the supper include the soup of the day and a mixed salad. To consult our menus, click here.

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