One-day retreat


A day-long spa retreat that will allow you to slow right down and pamper yourself – head-to-toe!

This package includes lunch, a massage (of your choice), participation in the activities on that particular day and access to the spa facilities.

+ a locker, 1 bathrobe and 2 towels (non-exchangeable).

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Boost your energy level and let your worries disappear

The one day retreat allows you to…

Enjoy a relaxing treatment

A treatment (worth $105) to calm your body and ease your mind

Check out the list of treatments included in this package – massages, facials, exfoliation, private consultations (to name a few).


Combine the NeuroSpa energizing power nap with the Light head-to-toe treatment for the most complete relaxation.

Savour a Tonique Cuisine™ lunch

Colourful, tasty and energizing food – an extraordinary culinary experience!

Our gourmet cuisine not only tastes and looks fantastic, it feeds the body with energy and vitality.

The thermotherapy experience – a gentle, effective cycle of self-care

Submit your body to heat, then cold, then rest and repeat – to remove toxins

Our thermotherapy facilities : infrared saunas, Finnish sauna, hammam, Kneipp circuit, whirlpool baths, swimming pools (indoor and outdoor in summer) and an eco-friendly pond.

Learn about well-being through activities and seminars

Guiding you towards a lifetime of wellness

Choose from a range of activities such as*: a meditation walk through the woods, Aqua Yoga, a seminar on the science behind a feeling of happiness and more….

*Activities vary each day. To plan your time, check the daily calendar.

Connect to nature

Inhale the fresh air as you walk along our 15 kilometres of private, wooded trails.

A good pair of walking shoes is all you need to explore our wilderness areas.

Put a spring in your step with a session at our gym

Physical activity is very good for your body and mind

Take advantage of our fully-equipped facilities to continue (or to start) working out!

A reservation is necessary


One-day retreat - 9am to 6pm219$
Evening retreat - 4pm to 10pm219$