Ever feel like screens have taken over your life? Our ‘Digital Detox Add-On’ is your brain’s escape route from the digital hustle. Let your mind breathe with a well-deserved break – a feature that can be seamlessly added to all our packages and retreats.

Leave your phone, tablet, etc., at the reception and experience a 100% screen-free stay. Since there are no TVs in the rooms either, you’ll reconnect with what truly matters.

The benefits of technology-free immersion

This experience of at least 3 days allows for disengagement long enough to feel the effects of overall well-being. Indeed, it has been demonstrated that a break has benefits for memory, learning, and anxiety reduction. By removing technology for a specific period, you allow yourself to restore balance and rediscover the essence of what matters.

A token of celebration just for you

To congratulate you for staying strong, we’re offering you a 30-minute treatment. You can choose between an invigorating Neurospa – Energizing power nap or a Light Head-to-Toe pampering session.

This feature that can be seamlessly added to all our packages and retreats

All-inclusive stay

Our 8 different packages allow you to recharge your body and clear your mind. You’ll also receive all the tools and knowledge necessary to continue your journey smoothly at home.

Wellness retreats

Explore the wide variety of retreats under holistic well-being themes, including healthy eating, physical activity, mindfulness, creativity, and more.