Health Performance

"An orchestrated experience to achieve concrete results in pleasure and relaxation"

The Spa Eastman, in conjunction with Global Success, has created a Business Resourcing and Development Package to help executives, business people and professionals reconcile performance and health. The Health Performance Package will focus on conflict management, team mobilization, shared leadership, poor communication, and silo work as required.

Business people are exposed to high levels of stress, long working days and often subject to constant pressure. This can have negative impacts on lifestyle habits such as poor diet, sedentary lifestyle and disturbed sleep.

Health Performance, a combination of workshops, developed according to your needs, and supplemented by individual coaching.

The form of the workshops is inspired by the model of Charles Jennings, expert in development solutions, according to which the development of the individuals is carried out to:

  • 70% in action
  • 20% through peer feedback
  • 10% classically (theoretical course, reading, etc.)

This model, in addition to increasing the level of sustainable learning, opens up collective awareness.


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