Analyse corporelle

The Tanita instrument is a world first that combines the latest wireless technology with Tanita's advanced segmental bioelectrical impedance analysis technology. The instrument offers 10 full-body measurements in addition to detailed segmentation readings of body fat and muscle mass percentage from the trunk, each arm and each leg, using foot and hand electrodes. This in-depth information is especially useful when you want to monitor muscle balance or facilitate recovery from injury. These measurements represent the physical condition very well: it's like taking a 'metabolic picture' of your body.

The results, once interpreted, provide a wealth of information about your physical and metabolic condition, to get a general idea of ​​your level of health. The consultation in kinesiology of body analysis is of a duration of 20 minutes, including the analysis with the impedance balance as well as the interpretation of your results with the kinesiologist.

Body analysis
Duration: 20min.